Rihanna's Problems May Have Started With Chris Brown's Mother (VIDEO)

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chris brownWhy does Rihanna keep going back to Chris Brown? That's the classic tainted love question, right? Why doesn't she just leave? It's a valid query, one I've asked about Rihanna (and countless other women) myself. But the bigger question, really, is this: Why did Chris Brown ever beat up Rihanna in the first place?

Well, just as the first logical place to begin analyzing Rihanna is her "Chris Brown is a nice guy and my daughter is fat" dad, the obvious starting point with Chris Brown is his mom, Joyce Hawkins. Not just because he's a boy and she's his mama and we all know that's where men get their "women issues," but because Hawkins clearly thinks her son is the next Messiah. And I'm not talking about the standard-level maternal tendency to underplay flaws and overemphasize accomplishments. I'm talking about -- for example -- the tweet (now deleted) Hawkins posted after The King of Pop passed away:


I wasn't aware MJ and Chris Brown had a Voldemort/Harry Potter dynamic going on, but, um, you see my point about the Messiah thing.

Hawkins' entire Twitter account basically alternates between lavishing delusional amounts of praise on her son and defending him from those pesky haters who bristle at the idea of lavishing praise on a guy who has yet to accept any real responsibility for pounding in his girlfriend's face. Look, I'm not saying it's her duty to publicly apologize for her son's behavior, but going out of her way to refer to him as an "angel from God" (repeatedly) whose divine status somehow redeems him of any wrongdoing seems ... like a less-than-wise choice. This is a man with a history of violent behavior (remember when he smashed the glass window at GMA in a post-interview temper tantrum?). The constant excuses for his actions are irresponsible, to say the least. (A habit Hawkins and Rihanna have in common!) But at least now we know why Chris Brown seems to think he's blameless -- as far as the women in his life are concerned, he IS blameless.

Do you think the way Chris Brown's mother raised him has anything to do with his treatment of Rihanna?

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nonmember avatar Kay

Chris Brown grew up in a household where he saw his mother being physically abused. Rihanna ALSO witnessed her mother being physically abused by her father.

Any questions?

Jilli... Jillie0918

Chris is his own person as well as a grown man...therefore he is responsible for his OWN actions. Granted, there may have been some instances in his life where he was affected by negativity that came with his parents marriage (domestic violence) but that does not excuse him of his actions. My point is that he clearly knew right from wrong. Please don't try to put the blame on his mom.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

He watched his mother be abused by his step-father. My thing is, didn't he see how unhappy his mother was? How hurt she was? He has anger issues. He throws temper tantrums (I.e. GMA w/ Robin) and has his Twitter beefs with his fans and other artists. What he needs is anger management, not media attention!

noneya79 noneya79

I think the way he was raised has a lot do with his actions. He thinks he walks on water because he is treated like he does and has been treated that way apparently his whole life. His mom needs to get her head out of the clouds and come down to reality... But he is a grown ass adult who needs to start taking blame. He can't point the finger at his mom and say it's because of the way she raised him.. but then again.. he could give her partial credit! Either way, they both have a lot of responsibility to accept for the way he behaves.. 

cocob... cocobeannns

Like others have stated, I believe his aggression and anger problems stem from growing up in an environment seeing that kind of behavior. It does not excuse what he did to Rihanna, no. But, we've all made mistakes, we've all done things out of anger, and in the heat of the moment. We're all human, and so is he.

And to your statement "... a guy who has yet to accept any real responsibility", really? And how has he yet to accept any responsibility for his actions? Because he didn't personally apologize to YOU for what he did to RIHANNA? He has apologized to HER, he did apologize to the media and public following the incident, he has remained on provation since the incident, and is still taking the steps to complete all court-ordered community service that was apointed in his case. He is involved in several charities, and gives back millions of dollars to children in need. So, tell me again how he has yet to accept responsibility?

Give the guy a break. HE is the one living with this mistake, one I'm sure he wishes everday he could take back. HE and RIHANNA are past it. Why are we still holding onto it?


Deann... Deanna2872

Huh- you'd think if his mom loved him so much, she wouldn't have exposed him to domestic abuse in his formative years. If she loved him, soooooo damn much, she probably should have chosen him over herself or her husband. But, I'm sure she also made excuses then, and as a direct result she raised him to believe that not only is domestic violence the answer, but that if someone loves you, they'll defend those actions.

Good job, 'mom'-

nonmember avatar basil

winessing your mother being abused as a child DOES NOT make you a woman beater. I grew up in those circumstances and saw my mother as an incredibly strong and loving woman. Why would that make you want to hurt women? The guy knows no responsibility or accountability. That is the fault of his parents and himself. He should have learned from social interaction by now unless he has serious mental issues.

nonmember avatar Funkneemum

As a mother your first thing to do is protect, he's her son. You think she's going to be on twitter bashing and dragging him around like the rest of the world does? Because she isn't publicly scolding him doesn't mean she doesn't do it privately. He has all of you wonderful people for that

Every situation is not the same. Yes his mother was a victim, yes he witnessed it however they didn't even realize how affected he was by it. I believe that his actions stem from his past. Not every child that witnesses dv reenacts it however some do. It's a cycle. This wasn't an on going situation between him and Rihanna. He didn't beat her to sleep nightly. I'm not making excuses for his behavior but trying to point out that every case is not the same. Everyone doesn't react the same, everyone doesn't behave the same. Rather than encouraging Brown to break it, many seem to tell him he's not going to change at all.

What you see in front of you isn't all of the story. Everything isn't as you witness it online. At the end of the day Brown is his own man. He will make his own mistakes. And he himself will have to learn how to rectify them. He was 19 when this happened. He was a child. It's almost four years later and he's still trying to fix that error. He will screw up some more. He will make more bad decisions. That's life.

nonmember avatar Funkneemum

You have no IDEA on what his life is like outside of what you see. The person who matters the most, Rihanna, has received her apology. I'm not really sure what kind of apology you are looking for but I'm more than positive that whatever he says won't ever be good enough.

nonmember avatar Dame

Ok Im so confused. So you say read the statistics. So you guys choose to read the stats about a man who hits a girl once is likely to do it again.....but you fail to read and accept the stats that a person who grew up in an abusive home and witnessed DV is 7 to 8 times more likely to be in an abusive relationship when thy grow up and have physcological problems. Chris Brown sought help and is still seeking help, he talked and volunteered at domestic shelters. Of course he slips up from time and time again but what he needs is help and compassion....not bashing and ridicule. I also find it troubling that society chooses the 19 year old to be the poster boy for domestic violence and not the numerous 30, 40 and 50 year old that have been habitual abusers. Not suprised but definitely troubled.

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