Wife Who Got Her Husband Arrested for Being Annoying Is Onto Something

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squad carHere's an idea: The next time your husband is driving you crazy, drive him ... to the police station! That's what one woman in Wisconsin did recently. For real. Drove her spouse right to the slammer and told cops she was turning him in for "talking stupidly" and swearing. And guess what?

They arrested him! Well done, I say. Cheaper than couples' therapy (or a divorce, for that matter). And the wife is guaranteed a little peace and quiet at last, at least until somebody posts bail. (I'm guessing she probably won't be that somebody.) Anyway, how amazing would it be if law enforcement officers everywhere agreed that men's most irritating habits were a punishable offense?

"Talking stupidly" would probably amount to no more than a night or two in jail (depending on just how stupid the talk really was, right). Here are a few more potential crime and punishment combos:

Leaving the toilet seat up again $50 fine

Forgetting your birthday 6 months probation

Forgetting you exist during football season 100 hours of community service

Leaving dirty clothes on the floor next to the hamper Complete a 6-week stain treatment program

Giving any sort of household appliance as an anniversary gift A stint working in the morgue (à la Lindsay Lohan)

Whaddya think, ladies -- something to consider?

Which annoying habit of your husband's makes you want to lock him up?


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th122906 th122906

They probably arrested him to do him a fovor and get him away from his crazy ass wife!

cmjaz cmjaz

I hope this article was written with extreme sarcasim

nonmember avatar nikki

I am a woman and I can honestly say that if laws were in place to arrest spouses for what they say to annoy the other one, then women would definitely be arrested more..I hope that Jacqueline Burt does not have a husband because I would feel very bad for him if she was serious and not sarcastic when she wrote this article.
I am sure women annoy men just as much as men annoy women.

JnLsM... JnLsMommy

 he was arrested because of existing warrants....she probably knew he had them and that's why she took him to the police station when he annoyed her...

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Oh for a minute i thought maybe you meant threatening by talking stupidly. Geez, way to be misleading

nonmember avatar Miguel

If you are married to a woman who would do this, you would probably have a better time sleeping in the cell than you would having to listen to her nag about everything under the sun...


Lighten up people. Can't anyone take something light and fun for a change?

For making mouth noises!!

Zamaria Zamaria

He wasn't arrested for being annoying. He was arrested for warrants! Do you only read the headlines of the stories you post about???

Anyway, I would love to have my husband arrested for littering. The man leaves a trail of trash everywhere he goes in my house. Candy wrappers, soda cans, all kinds of stuff. I try to leave it for him to pick up, but it drives me crazy so I end up doing it myself. :/ I doubt I would really actually have him arrested for it, even if I could though.


Oh god Zamaria, so does mine!! I can live handle it inside but when he does it in the yard it drives me UP THE WALL!!!!

early... earlybird11

I can't stand when the 'writers' post stupid stories without details.

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