Sex Confession: My Husband's Sexual Desires May Make Some Think He's Really Weird

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bed“Sex Confessions” is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

Today's sex confession comes from Zoe*, who is so freaked out about sharing this she doesn't want to reveal anything about herself just in case someone she knows reads it and suspects it's her. But she wants to talk about it -- she wants to talk about how kinky her husband is and wonders if it's normal. Actually, she knows it's normal, but she thinks it's just not very typical that her husband likes her to use a dildo in his butt. His not hers. Read on to hear more from Zoe.

My husband ... oh I love the man. He is never boring ever. Our sex life has been exciting from day one and now at day 12,983 or something it is still super fun. We are always trying new things even when I didn't think there were new things to try. He makes it unexpected and it always feel new. I feel like a really lucky lady. But I also never hear any other women talk about sex with their husbands the way I have sex with mine. And it kind of makes me feel my husband is a freak of the sexual nature ... well, I don't think so but I think other people would think so.

While so many of my friends talk about how they have to practically beg their men to have sex with them or how they never want to have sex in the first place, I'm left with nothing to add to that conversation. I have a good sex life -- we have sex enough, but not too much. And I only beg if that's the type of sexual scenario we want to play that day.

I also hear how some women say their husbands are too rough -- too wham bam and done. I count my lucky stars my guy isn't like that either.

But I never hear anyone talk about how their man likes it in the ass. Is it really that taboo? Is it totally absurd that my honey likes me to put my finger in his back door when he is close to orgasm? He also loves to play with sex toys in his rear, too. And me? I love that he loves it. There was one time I heard another person talk about men liking things in their butts during sex and she said she thought it meant the guy was gay. Totally ignorant. So while I feel like I am the only one with a husband who likes this kind of stuff, I know I really can't be. Can I?

Okay, readers! Let's all chime in here and tell Zoe that she isn't alone. That plenty of men love that, too. Or maybe you have something else to say ....


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*Name has been changed.

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nonmember avatar teenage dream

It's massaging his prostate when you do that. It gives him a more intense... You know, and it actually feels really good to him when you do that. Totally normal.

tnyangel tnyangel

Your not alone sunshine. Go to, someone posted several years ago that they wanted to use a toy on their boyfriend and it is STILL one of the most commented on posts. Mostly in favor, guys who would love that but are afraid to ask, etc.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Honey, You are not alone!! And no matter how much you think it, someone else out there is wondering how your sex life is so "normal" compared to theirs. Case and point; my husband have a very satisfying sex life but there's a twist, he's gay. I know, I know, people are going to argue with me and say, "if he sleeps with you doesn't that mean he is at least bi?" Traditionaly, maybe yes. But if you ask him what he identifies as it will be gay. I am truely the only woman he will probably ever sleep with.

tbruc... tbrucemom

It's a known fact that a man's "g-spot" so to speak is his prostate and to stimulate that you have to go thru the "back door".  If the woman is ok doing it and the man likes it I wouldn't be concerned about how many other husbands do. I don't think it means he's gay no more than a man who likes to have anal sex with a woman is gay. I've never had anyone ask me to do that and I don't think I'd want to but I never thought I'd do a lot of things in bed that I now do so never say never!

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Human's are creatures of pleasure... some think that we're sinful because of it and we have to watch what we do because all sorts of things feel good. :-) Others believe that we're MADE to feel good in so many ways because we're made to experience them.

In the end, it only matters what makes you and your partner feel good... if you're ok with it (and he does it safely) what does it matter what/how others have sex? There really is NO normal. Have you read Fifty Shades? Hell, that's some wild stuff and we want to make it the norm!

rhps2000 rhps2000

It is taboo and shouldn't be. It only makes sense. Guys have a prostate. It feels good to be massaged.

nonmember avatar Shelly

I wonder, though. What happens when he DOES run out of "new" things to try? What then? There is a point when those options run out. Is he OK with that? Or, does he have to keep going? I have a friend who divorced her husband last year. Her life sounds VERY similar to yours. She LOVED her sex life, until she didn't. He ran out of wacky things to try, and then wanted to do things that crosses lines she could not live with. (I don't know what they were, I did not ask. All she would say is it was incredibly serious, and she divorced him right away.) I do know in their divorce process, it was included that counseling for him is required, and he can't have overnight visits with his children. Hopefully, your husband is just a little out there adventure wise...and not the guy who has to do the next best weird thing all the time.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Nothing is "wrong" or "taboo" as long as you're both into it and enjoy it. Who cares how other couple do or do not get down....;-)

weary... wearymoon

This topic is very taboo for some people and largely within certain communities and it shouldn't be. From my understanding, that is the most intense sexual feeling men can achieve. If guys in general were more comfortable with their sexuality and discussed their sexual desires with their wives, girlfriends, fiances etc. we PROBABLY wouldn't have so many men on the dl. Granted some men are just bisexual and/or gay but some men just love to enjoy the maximum pleasure of good ole fashion sex. Zoe, enjoy!!

nonmember avatar Joe

As a straight guy, I know I like it. It is VERY intense.

If it feels good (and is safe), more power to you!

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