10 Things Couples Do That Make Single People Crazy

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So you're single.

Maybe you're at peace with it, maybe you're not, but you're used to it. Either way, this is your life to live the way you want to live it.

But many of your friends, well, they're coupled off - married, dating, in long-term relationships, whatever. And while you love them to bits, you can't help but be annoyed by their coupley ways sometimes.

Here are some of the most irritating things couples do around their single friends.

Gushing about "soulmates." Now, it's great that your friends are happy - you WANT them to be happy - but if they've found their soulmates, where does that leave you?

"We-ing" every statement. No longer does your friend like to eat Italian, "we" love to eat Italian.

Having the same email address. C'mon people, it's 2012 - Gmail accounts are easy-peasy to set up. Split it up. If I want to email you about something private, I don't want your significant other reading it.

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Joined at the hip. Sure, you dig your friend's partner - not a question. But what happened to GNO (girls night out, for those of you who already forget those days)? Can't you guys spend a second apart?

Blind-dating us. We're single. Maybe we do want to date again but trust us, when that time comes, we'll let you know. So don't bother bringing your lame cousin out when we catch drinks.

Thinking the only key to happiness is being partnered off. A lot of us have been married and divorced or in otherwise long-term relationships that didn't work out. We're okay with being single - we're happy as we are.

Making out in front of us. Yep - you're totally in love. Yep - you're wildly attracted to each other. But we don't want to have to watch you all over each other while we're trying to enjoy our dinners!

Ditching the rest of the world. Every new couple does this for the first few weeks (months? years?) of a relationship. But your friends miss you! Don't forget about us, okay?

Inability to use first names - EVER. Your "Baby" and "Sweet Cheeks" is a love, no doubt. But he or she has a name - use it.

Two become one. This is slightly different than the whole "we" thing. When you two become the same person, it's not cute; it's creepy. Knock it off!

What other annoying things do couples do to single people?


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Rebecca Peterson

Misty, I know what you're saying about the "hooker" term lol. Mine calls me that when he's in a joking mood.

vlk_2012 vlk_2012

#7, just shoot me.

Felly... FellyScarlett

My best friend does ALL OF THESE!

Christen Aubuchon

I am in a long term relationship, and I can't stand any of them, yes some are cute to the couples, my fiancee calls me hon, I call him by his first name, don't get me wrong cute pet names for each other is cute, but when I say it, it's like a forgein language to me. I can stand seeing couples kissing and hugging, but when it looks like they should get a room, maybe they should do just that. NO, I do not want to know about how much sex you have, will have, and other things, that is for you and your SO to know about, not the world.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

The ''oh it's okay, you'll find SOMEONE'' attitude makes me particularly mad devil

choli... cholita1978

EmmaFromEire I hate that one too, and I get it all the time from my own aunts  "you need someone beside you, you can't be alone, blah blah blah" to the point that when I go visit my parents I tell them not to tell my aunts because that's the first thing that will pop out of their mouths when they visit me, it's annoying, I know they don't mean bad but enough already 

banging head into wall

mamivon2 mamivon2

Im married.. so Idk

Panda86 Panda86

I agree with above post! The "Oh it's okay, you'll find someone" comments are the worst!

Fikicia SweetLips Guy

Yessss.....I hate for my friends to try to set up blind dates and I loathe the "you'll find somebody someday" conversations.  I expect most of the list from couples...that's why I don't go out with couples regularly, unless its a holiday or something.  Once my friends marry, I don't hang with them as much. out of respect.  Due to the fact that most men feel uneasy about their wife hanging out with her single friends.

Rita Curry

 I'm with you. I would have kicked my husband to the moon, if he called m he called meanything like that. But he called me green eyes. I don't think we ever talked like that to singles. He's gone now, from cancer, but I won't ever let another man into my life, because, they would never be able to measure up to him. So I have nothing to worry about, if out with couple's.

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