4 Reasons to Be Scared if Your Husband’s Reading '50 Shades of Grey'

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Fifty Shades of GreyWhen my husband told me he wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey, I must have shot him a funny look because he started to get defensive. "What!? Everyone else has read it!" he told me.

Fair enough. I read all three books in E.L. James' erotic trilogy during our family vacation to Georgia in April. Now they're just sitting in the Nook app on my iPad waiting for me to call them up for reference for an article. It's not like he'd be interrupting me or anything.

And yet ...

I have to admit it, I was a little uneasy about it all. It's not like we don't have sex (notice I write for CafeMOM folks ... we do have a child). But Fifty Shades isn't just any book about sex. Behold:

1. All those orgasms. OK, really, people, that is not natural! Women cannot DO that. At least not most women. If he starts thinking that's the norm ... let's just say an "I'm sorry honey, but it ain't gonna happen" right now!

2. All that sex. As I read the books, I had two thoughts running through my head. One of them? How can people have that much sex and still hold down jobs? If he thinks we could try to ape an Ana and Christian sex schedule, he's going to have another think coming because I have a kid to feed, a job to do, and a house to keep clean!

3. The "romance." I'm not going to lie: when you have been married as long as we have, you kind of miss the romance of the early days. But if he's looking for tips, he could pick up your average romcom. I'd much prefer a few flowers to someone telling me what I can eat and what car I can drive, thankyouverymuch!

4. The cheese factor. I read a LOT! And my husband does too, but we don't have the same tastes. He sticks to a lot of sports blogs, soccer magazines, etc. while I'm pretty eclectic. If he's going to pick something I have read lately, how about a memoir, one of the classics, SOMETHING that shows I actually exercise my brain when I'm reading!

Has your guy read Fifty Shades of Grey? How did it work out?


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nonmember avatar Robyn

Its true that most women can't achieve back to back orgasms. But quite a few can. And my boyfriend, who's deployed, actually asked me to send them. He read a sample and loved the storyline.

nonmember avatar Kristy

I read the books. I loved them! My husband and I have been together for 16 yrs married for 11 of those yrs. We have to young children and we both work. The books have spiced it up for us. Even after 16yrs we still have sex at least twice a week! since reading the books we push for some form of intimacy everyday. My hubby is already the guy who just out of the blue picks up flowers for me. The books have opened our eyes to try something we haven't yet. Thank you E.L.James!

jenes... jenesis915

my fiance and i are reading the book together right now and im ok with it we are both having alot of fun reading it =]

nonmember avatar Elisha

Reason #1: It means he has horrible taste in reading material.

ander... andersonmommy2

My husband is reading it right now. I read a lil to him and he was like I need to read this stuff. He has picked up some ideas out of there for us to spice up our bedroom. We have learned to open up more to each other, tell each other what we want, and it has pretty much help fix our relationship. I almost left him until a friend recommended me read the book first and it really opened our eyes up to everything. There was something that brought us together, there was some sort of spark that lead to us to get married, and we need to find it again. We started dating again and getting reknow each other every other weekend with a babysitter for the kids. We use to have that much sex when we could and now we need to find that spark again. I tell ya what after reading the books I haven't had that much sex since my 1st child was born, becoming a mommy takes you away from your spouse but sometimes you have to remember that he exists too.

Dona Gates

no i don t want my hubby to ready fifty!!! i like to have fantasies!!!

douxm... douxmusique

Uuuugh the love for this book set has made me lose faith in humanity. There is nothing romantic or redeeming about it at all. It's not good. Period.

Luann Risden

I didn't like the book and won't read the rest. There was nothing in this book that stirred anything for me and most certainly would not for my husband. We've been together for almost 22 years, have a child and still have awesome sex. Better than anything in this book. But I applaud anybody who has used this book as a tool to strengthen their relationships! If it works for you, go for it! Just not very interesting to me. There are many better books on the subject out there!

nonmember avatar Lora

Me and my hubby have sex quite frequently. He is also my boss. Fifty shades had spiced up our love life and reminded us its good to experiment, which we did quite a bit of before. We also find pleanty off time for a number of romps a day and im not a flowers kinda girl. If my hubby read it id be awaiting the handcuffs and cane with a very big grin. The only problem is he doesnt like reading. :-(

nonmember avatar zsanett

No he hasn't ...but lately I have a felling he had....its funny because when we make love he don't like me kissing his chest...that's never happened before oh he has a grey silk tie too and I handsome fun with that :) but yestou can do all that what Christian and Anna do we have kids we have jobs and we manage to keep our sex life fun as theirs.... no hard limits of course but we do fun stuff :):):)

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