10 Things Going Through Every Divorcee's Head

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While I've often considered a long-term breakup as something quite similar to a divorce, there are a number of complications once you've told the lawmen (or government) that you are, in fact, now married. This isn't to say the feelings and the division of property aren't similar, it's just that it's harder to untangle all the strings when you're getting a divorce.

There are a LOT of things people going through a divorce think. Some funny, some tragic, others somewhere in the middle.

Here are some of the thoughts that flit through every divorcee's mind:

1) "Is this the right thing to do?" The act of divorcing can leave us overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

2) "Is this REALLY the right thing?" I'm getting a divorce, which means that I'm currently questioning everything I do, from painting my nails to tucking my kids into bed.

3) "Well, at least I won't have to deal with his mother (or family, as the case may be) again." Sometimes, there are definite perks to divorce. This may (or may not) be one of them.

4) "I'll never see my in-laws again!" Some of us get along so fabulously with our in-laws that the prospect of losing them may hurt a lot.

5) "How badly are we screwing up our kids?" Parental guilt at its finest -- when you're divorcing, make certain that you're doing right by the kids.

6) "Wow -- I get to date again!" Once your marriage is over, you get to participate the newness of the whole dating scene again, and that can definitely be a good thing.

7) "Ugh, I'm back in the dating pool -- AGAIN!" Some of us didn't enjoy dating, so the idea of getting back into the single world leaves us feeling sick to our stomachs.

8) "How can I survive alone?" For those of us who've grown used to relying on having another person around, this can be downright terrifying.

9) "What did I do wrong?" In most divorces, there is no one to blame, but human nature wants us to find fault when faced with a bad outcome. Divorce is no different.

10) "No one will love me again." Divorce plays funny tricks on your mind, sorta like depression. You may feel that your ex was your true love, and that no one will ever love you again.

What other things go through every divorcee's mind?

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MomLi... MomLily67

Will guys/ladies find me attractive?


sberr... sberry0509

My husband and I almost got a divorce last month but we are tying to work through it. But the biggest thing I was thinking is "Is it worth working out? What do I tell our 3 year old daughter?"

Eques... EquestrianMom

Ah, I had a lot of negative thoughts through my divorce. The ones that perked me up?

 I will never have to wash two boys (meaning my hubby and son's) skid marked undies! YEAH!

I can rule the remote! AWESOME!

I can eat food I like that were ruled out of the house, onions, garlic, pickles, rye bread, cold cereal, yum!!!!!!

No more stinky socks on the couch! Cause the kid is trainable! YAY!

I can shower in peace! And I can lock the door when I go #2, the kid hasn't figured out how to pop the lock! Yippee!

I never have to pretend to appreciate my mother in laws (or sister in laws) sublty hidden insults covered by a compliment! (nice shirt, did you find in at a thrift store? It looks worn) LMAO! Now, I can just tell them to stuff it! YAY! 

 I have more, but that should get ya started.

easun... easunshine

I really wondered if I would ever be able to love or trust anyone again.

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