How to Get More & Better Orgasms Like You've Always Wanted (VIDEO)


The Big O, coming, getting matter what you call it, you want it. And lots of it.

For some people, that's easier said than done, and for most of us, orgasms are pretty mysterious. Some women have never even experienced one at all. If that's you -- or if you just want to experience that pleasure more often and faster -- then check out this latest installment of MomEd: In the Bedroom.

Dr. Logan Levkoff and her fellow sexologist Megan Andelloux deconstruct the orgasm: where it comes from, which kind is best (hint: any kind is the best!), and how to have more of them. Read on for their answers to your questions, and check out the video below.

First of all, what causes an orgasm, and where do they come from? An orgasm is simply a release of built-up sexual tension in the pelvic region. And they can come from anywhere -- nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation, or vaginal intercourse.

Which kind is best? Whatever kind you're having. There's a tendency to qualify them, but as Megan points out, then people think that what works for them is wrong or not as good as the sex someone else is having. What works for your BFF might be boring for you -- what matters is that you're getting pleasure from what you're doing.

So. Um. Vibrators? Women worry that a vibrator will somehow wear out their genitals and they won't be able to have an orgasm from touching or sex. Not true...think of them as the microwave of orgasm! They can get you where you're going a lot faster.

How do I get me some of that? Realize that what we minimize as "foreplay" is, for many women, actually what makes us come. If vaginal intercourse does it for you, awesome; if it doesn't, spend more time on the preludes. In practical terms, Megan suggests rocking your hips, making noise, and just plain fantasizing.

Why isn't this working for me? Many conditions or the medications used to treat them can have less-than-awesome effects on your ability to have an orgasm. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, pelvic trauma, and antidepressants can all sap your libido, so talk to your doctor if you are having trouble.

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Are you having enough orgasms? 

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Like I've said in previous posts, I pity women whose partners don't focus on getting them off as much as they focus on getting themselves off. Both partners reaching orgasm is an important (and the best) part of a sexual experience. The only people who would argue otherwise probably aren't having them!

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Also, I understand that intimacy is most likely the goal of sex for most couples. However, both partners achieving orgasm simply enhances the intimate experience! It's a win-win.

cleig... cleigh717

Never experienced orgasm at ALL! Oh my! They r misn out! Best advice is to never give up!

JTaylr JTaylr

Got to pity the woman whose never had an orgasm...Luckily my hubby gets off on getting me off. :) I suppose the women who arent so lucky should focus on the best way to get themselves off. Lol.

Jennifer Jones-Wismann

 My hubby I think wants to get me off, but he just can't, bless his heart! hahaha! I just can't reach one with him,a nd I don't think I'll ever reach one with him, but I have before with a previous boyfriend. Oh well! haha...I have a toy for that I guess..Is it the size..Does it matter how long or how short they are??

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Jennifer,  most women cannot reach orgasm just from intercourse alone, so your husband's size shouldn't really come into play. You should spend more time on foreplay to figure out what feels right!

nielsy nielsy

Why bother having sex if you don't come. You're in charge of your own orgasm, not your man.

nonmember avatar Happydad

It's not rocket science, but it does require the husband/boyfriend/SO to be observant and attentive to her needs and desires. The number one tip is FOREPLAY!!!!!!! Getting her to forget the day/stress/job/kids/shopping list/whatever, is key. Make her feel loved and desired and take care of her needs first and the rest will take care of itself. If you meet her needs, most often she will be more than happy to meet your's. Plus there is nothing secure than a wife (SO) who has just had an orgasm....or 2 or 3 or....

nonmember avatar Happydad

*sexier* not secure.

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