Bride Accused of Killing Groom Hours Before Wedding


cake topper'Til death do us part! A bride-to-be is accused of killing her groom just hours before the wedding was to take place.

Na Cola Darcel Franklin is charged with the murder of her fiance Billy Brewster. According to cops, the pair got into a nasty argument in the middle of the night in Whitehall, Pennsylvania apartment and she stabbed him. It's unclear what they were fighting over, but the spot where she plunged the blade shows just how distraught this woman was.

Brewster was found with two stab wounds in the chest -- and one was through his heart. Yes. His heart. Police say the couple weren't the only ones at the gruesome scene. Their three children were there, and with the big event scheduled, family members were visiting.

His cousin's wife, Monique Kali, told police that the couple started arguing and somebody yelled "knife" and her husband tried to intervene. Franklin was waving the knife around and, fearing that her man was next, Kali tackled her to the floor. 

Brewster was pronounced dead just seven hours before they were to walk down the aisle. During her court arraignment Franklin was so distraught that she pleaded with the judge, "You got to check again." She just could not accept the fact the love of her life was dead or -- even worse -- that she may have done it. "I ... did ... not ... kill ... him ... on ... purpose," she cried, rocking herself back and forth.

When things like this happen, the immediate question is usually: was there a history of domestic violence or problems in the relationship? Well, as the neighbors tell it, the couple was more like Ozzie and Harriet than Tina and Ike. "I never heard an argument," said Steven Engel, who lives across the hall. "They were very friendly people. Very quiet."

I have a hard time believing that any happy woman stabs her fiance to death the night before they marry. Though, I could be wrong and her reaction in court suggests she is as shocked by her actions as everyone else. If that is the case and she was madly in love ("mad" being the operative word here), this is the most frightening and extreme reactions to cold feet I've ever heard of.

If found guilty, what do you think should happen to Franklin? 


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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Such a crazy story...

Mommi... MommietoJB

You never know what happens behind closed doors. She deserves what any man would get in this situation domestic violence from a man or woman is wrong.

nonmember avatar PandaWife

Having just gotten married I can easily understand the EXTREME pressure some people are under surrounding a wedding. Many people get into huge fights during wedding preparations. But this chick clearly snapped. I feel sorry for her that she now has to live with the fact that she murdered her fiance/father of her children. She deserves life in prison and mental help. Sad story.

Elizabeth Cohen

She truly and literally snapped. She will struggle with this the rest of her life. She does not need prision, she needs help. If the neighbors are correct and they were like "Ozzie & Harriet" then she in not your typical criminal. Crime of passion comes to mind. 

frown mini

Tammy Marzolf

She can get help in prison. Wouldn't it have been better just to call off the wedding?

nonmember avatar Happydad

So many of you women make me sick!! If a man had done this to his bride to be you would be screaming for him to get the gas chamber, yet when a woman does it "she doesn't need prison, she needs help". Women can be (and appearantly are) just as evil as men!! She should get a very long prison term at the very least!!

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