8 Simple Ways to Feel Sexy Again After a Divorce

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Divorce -- it happens. Forty-five percent of us who walk down the aisle will wind up later splitting up. And when we do, we may find that our self-esteem -- our entire self-worth -- has been shaken. When I said "'til death do us part," I meant it. But in my life, it's far more important for my soon-to-be ex to be my friend, for us to both find happiness, than it is to stay rooted in one place.

But the end of a marriage doesn't have to mean the end of your sex appear. So that begs the question: how do you learn to feel sexy again after a divorce?

1) Change your hairstyle. Cut it, color it, highlight it, whatever you have to do. It SOUNDS cliche, but it really does help to find the new you -- which is something you'll be doing a lot of in the coming weeks and months.

2) Recommit to a workout routine. Sure, maybe you "planned sometime to get around to jogging again," but you lost track of time, got comfy, and let a few pounds pack on. Happens. But when you get a divorce, you need to feel as good about yourself as possible. And besides, exercising releases natural endorphins -- the body's feel-good hormones.

3) Spruce up your look. It's time to look the way YOU want to look, not the way you've felt you SHOULD look as a wife. Nothing like a fancy pair of shoes to change your attitude.

4) Ditch your old lingerie and buy some new sassy bras and undies. Yeah, it sounds trite, but wearing sexy stuff under your clothes really does make you feel sexier. This is the new you, remember?

5) Make it a point to go out with the girls ... and practice your flirting skills! They're probably dusty after years of non-use, but you have to start somewhere.

6) Make regular appointments to get your nails done. It's a little thing, really, but it can make you feel like you've accomplished something and make you feel prettier.

7) Try taking a belly dancing or striptease class with a couple of good friends. Nice to find some new moves, and even if you feel ridiculous while you're learning, you'll find someone to try them out on.

8) Forgive your ex. I know, I know, that sounds impossible -- especially if he was unfaithful. But allowing yourself to see what you've learned from this relationship can be more than empowering. And with power comes sexiness.

What else can bring your sexy back after a bad breakup or divorce?


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carole76 carole76

I would have to agree. When I got a divorce 9 years ago, I did all this accept the nails. A good work out, and nights out with the girls hep any bad situation. I think having children would of made this harder though. If I had to go through a divorce with kids, money would be a issue, that would limit the shopping a getting a fancy hair cut.

Good story though

nonmember avatar MarriedMale

Just an observation (without knowing the problems of each individual marriage), but i think a woman who applied these ten tips prior to getting a divorce might never have needed one. Just sayin......

Todd Vrancic

I must disagree with MarriedMale.  Guys who are prone to cheat will find an excuse to do so, no matter what.  That is why it would be so important for a woman to do these things after the divorce, as a reminder that she is still attractive.

Angi Dudas

MarriedMale...you may have to change your name if that is what you think of women. 

Mommi... MommietoJB

Experiencing something new that you've always wanted to but couldnt while you were married. For example getting a tattoo or skydiving. It will make you more adventurous and outgoing which can be sexy.

nonmember avatar MarriedMale

I think my comment may have been misunderstood. I put in the caveat that i could not speak on every issue that could possibly be a reason for a divorce, and was only speaking on the items the author listed. However, it seems from comments i have heard before that if these items that were listed in the article were done by women during their marriage, it would contribute more to their happiness. I think a lot of women may feel like marriage may have restricted these listed beneficial things from their lives when that need not be the case. Happier people equals happier marriage. I was not commenting that they should do these things to contribute solely to their partners happiness. I am not anti-woman and i love my wife dearly.

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