‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Fame Is Ruining Her Love Life

Farrah Abraham DanielThink it's easy being famous? Farrah Abraham begs to differ. The star of MTV's Teen Mom was sold out to the tabloids this week by a woman she barely knew, and now the whole world is debating her love life. Oh yeah, and she can't seem to find a guy who doesn't want to be around her just to ride on her famous coattails.

The latest episodes of the reality series have shown the single mom jumping into a relationship with a guy named Daniel, planning an overnight out-of-state trip with him on the most recent Teen Mom episode after what seems like just one or two dates. Farrah has drawn criticism for moving too fast, but you can hold your complaints.

Farrah told MomFinds this week that she and Daniel are already history. She's put dating on the back burner because, as she told the site, "It’s hard being on TV and trying to find someone who is truly interested in me instead of fame."

But Farrah admits she has tried online dating in the past, and when she's ready, here's hoping she'll give it another try. It could be the perfect answer to her fame-hungry guy problems, for the same reason it has worked for so many of us (yes, I'm on that list too ... I met my husband online more than a decade ago).

When you meet someone online, you start slow. You put out only the information you want to. Hold on, I'm not suggesting you lie. Lying online is only going to get you in trouble in the long run.

But if you've had trouble finding a relationship because people pre-judge you based on something -- be it fame or that embarrassing incident back in fourth grade that EVERY guy in your neighborhood still remembers -- online dating is your chance to put it all aside. You can let this guy (or girl) get to know the you that's on the inside and hopefully fall head over heels before you reveal details like fame (for Farrah) or you know ... that hideous stalker ex-boyfriend that scares every other guy off.

Are you like Farrah? Have you struggled to find someone who just likes you for you?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar cate

Ditch fame for love. Is being famous that important? Be a real mom with out a show see hoe hard it really is when MTV isn't paying you.

Stacey. Stacey.

She can blame "fame" all she wants, but most likely he just couldnt stand how superficial, phony, and bitchy she is. If she acts that way in front of cameras, its probably even worse when theyre off.

Tripl... TripleDee30

@Jeanne Sager - Do you want to swim in the lady pond with Farrah or something??  Get a room already!  Everything you write about her is absolutely glowing when pretty much everyone else sees her in a different light. 

mylil... mylilangel2013

Well, the show is over this season and she won't have that income anymore...sure hope she set up her daughter a college fund with some of the money!  It sure looks like she is going through the money!  All of these girls need a backup...their 15 mins of fame is almost over and the money won't be pouring in anymore, they will have to do it on their own merits!  It is easy when you are getting over 200k a year to be a single mom or rather easier I should say...it is never easy to be a single mother.  So I would be more worried about a way to keep getting money than to find a relationship.  I know she is young and that is what they want but it is so much harder not having money.  Farrah is very lucky she has a supportive mom and dad (although she treats them like garbage).  If I didn't save any of the money up I would be scared!!  Look at those like Jenelle and Amber (you know they flew through that money) they are train wrecks!!  I do hope everything goes well for all of them!  They all wasted a lot of money on plastic surgery!!  They are young...why get plastic surgery?  I think that Tyler and his gf are the most grounded..I seen they bought a house.  I think they will be ok!!

young... youngdeanna

I can't stand how Farrah sits and talks to her daughter like she is grown and really understands what she is talking about??? I really hate how she talks to her mother! I feel so bad for her mother because she would do anything to help Farrah in anyway. VERY DISRESPECTFUL!!!!

wjbra... wjbrady2011

i met my hubby online. it worked out quite well.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I met my SO online it is working well

inlov... inlovewithcraig

i wouldnt want to be involved with that girl even if she was the richest freaking person out there....she is a vitch, snob, thinks she knows it all, do i need to go on?

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