10 Signs Your Guy Is a Needy, Clingy Mess

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We've all experienced it. Whether it flares up when you're standing next to a gorgeous woman or because your current flame is in contact with his old flame, we've all been insecure. And, while most of us wouldn't care to admit it, many of us have been needy too.

But what if you're the secure one? What if your guy is too needy?

Here are some signs that your guy might be overly insecure -- and you might have to think about giving your unhealthy relationship a rest.

1) You get messages full of sweet nothings from him ... all day long.

2) The relationship is all on his terms. It's his way or the highway. Except, if you choose the highway, he'll be dogging after you.

3) He asks you constantly for reassurance that you love him. There's an amount of this expected in a relationship, but when you're out with your friends, you don't need 288 texts asking if you love him in a variety of different ways.

4) He wants you to block all your exes from Facebook -- just because.

5) He insists that he go through your phone and question every single text to make sure they're "appropriate."

6) He insists that you give him ALL your email account information so that he can check out what you've been doing.

7) As time goes on, you realize that you're slowly being isolated from your friends. Any time you bring up going out with the girls, he's all, "Baby, wouldn't you rather stay home with me?"

8) You realize HE has no friends. Instead, he spends his every waking moment in contact with you.

9) When he tags along on girls' night, he rakes your friends over the coals, interrogating them about exes, what you say about him when he's not around, what he can do to make you love him more -- and this is only after you've been dating for two weeks.

10) He never stops talking about the future with you. He's going to marry you. He loves you. He wants to have babies with you. And this is all said by Date #2.

What are some other signs you're dating a needy dude?


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the4m... the4mutts

After a night out with the girls *finally, without HIM!* and a few drinks, he waits until you've fallen into a pleasant vodka induced sleep around 1am... and goes through your phone. Then wakes you up at 2am, because he found ONE txt from your ex that HINTED that they still might, possibly, want to hang out with you & your children *which belong to the ex* at some point in the near future.

He then proceeds to interrogate you, again @2am, about why the ex wants you to be there when he takes the kids to the park. After some slightly intoxicated, incoherent answers from yours truly, they then insist they are sorry, repeatedly say they love you, and have the nerve to ask for sex.

Yah. That guy didn't last long. I'm glad I never introduced him to my kids.

Disney17 Disney17

Nope. He's slightly needy, but almost all of these fit me and I know I need to work on it all but it's hard with all my trust issues.

Chris... ChrisakaMama

Some of these are not just signs of a needy mess but are red flags for a future abusor... watch out! Esp the isolating....

easun... easunshine

I wouldn't mind some of #1 on occasion.

Barbara Ransom

He makes you go into detail on why his penis size is perfect for you right down to the actual physics of it. Sounds idiotic but my ex was just that insecure and needy.

Elizabeth Trosper

Ugh, some of those sounds like a control freak. Talk about abuse.

yobab... yobabywazup

A cell phone and emails are extremely private I have locks on both and will never give a lover access to them! Thats cray! Also "Girlsnight" is for girls only!

nonmember avatar cookieMcfries

Definitely signs that you're walking into an emotionally abusive relationship. I dated a guy with Borderline Personality Disorder who did all of these things listed and then constantly took his anger out on me by lashing out at me, insulting me and rejecting me over his extreme insecurities. Walk away from this relationship as soon as possible.

nonmember avatar Jason

I hope a lot of you ladies read this list and follow it because there are a lot of guys out there that are like this my fiancé s cousin is in a abusive relationship and can not escape from him

nonmember avatar Daniel

It also goes for females too. I admit, we guys can get clingy, but females are just as guilty of this list as well.

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