5 Bedtime Habits That Are Killing Your Sex Life

coupleFinding a married couple who complains about too much sex is as likely as coming across a mermaid or a unicorn. They just don't exist in this world.

All those jokes are true. The nookie takes a serious dip after the "I do's." But it's not the actual institution of marriage that's to blame, it's everything that comes with it.

You may not realize it, but all of those everyday responsibilities are getting in the way of your love life. That after-work routine is automatic, but a seemingly harmless to-do list can put a serious cramp in your couple time.

Check out the 5 biggest habits that are ruining your sex life.


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Lynette Lynette

I think it is awful that children's story-time was put on this list.  It is SO important to read to our children.  How is that interfering w/ anyone's sex life?  Generally children go to bed earlier than Mom & Dad leaving plenty of time forgrown up time after.  A bigger drain on a person's sex life would be TV, especially when it's in the bedroom.

nonmember avatar NoWay

You seem to think everyone has so much time in the morning. Sorry, but I have a job to get to and kids to round up and get ready in the morning. My hubby and I still make plenty of time for each other after the kids go to bed. We simply make it a priority several nights a week. So what if we're a little tired in the morning. :)

Breann Nash

I agree, story time is important to little ones.

easun... easunshine

Geez. She didn't say don't read to them ever. I got the clear impression she meant once in awhile only read 2 books instead of 10.

nonmember avatar purracious

wow. these bloggers suck. these assumptions that the frequency of sex declines after marriage doesn't apply to everybody.. and yeah i got that storytime shouldn't last for an hour. hubby and i make time for each other even with a baby, it just takes a little effort.

nonmember avatar lee

I and my wife used to have decent sex connection. Her work friend gave her an ipad. In a short time she was hooked on that /×'"! Thing. When she began to bring it to bed...I could not believe it that she seemed clueless to what that choice showed me. I was, and now am in second place!?... which is NOT a turn on for me. This is hurtful but if I have to ASK to come before her ipad...what is the point? We do not have what we had and we may never again. I miss her even when she is HERE,

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