The 5 Most Embarrassing Ways to Get Dumped

post itGetting dumped is never easy. Deep down you may have always known he was no Mr. Right, but you didn't expect him to pull the trigger first.

It's devastating -- and not just because he beat you to the punch. How he kicks you to the curb is just as significant as why. Who could forget Carrie Bradshaw getting dropped by boyfriend Jack Berger via Post-It on Sex and the City. Mortifying, right?

Believe it or not, it can be worse. Guys too cowardly to pick up the phone will use any method available to avoid an awkward, face-to-face chat.

Check out five seriously embarrassing ways guys break up with their girlfriends.

What is the crappiest way you've been dumped or dumped by someone?


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OKgirl OKgirl

My best friend was engaged with a couple of months left before the wedding. Her fiancé had a business trip and called to leave a voicemail that broke everything off with her, when he knew she wouldn't be able to answer the phone. He then turned his cell off and informed the hotel concierge not to forward any calls to his room. What a coward.

nonmember avatar beth

How about your friend telling you she walked in on him in bed...with.your little sister?

nonmember avatar r0sal1n3

One of my guy friend was in a state of bliss. His girlfriend just told him that she was pregnant. He was a loser before: doing drugs, smoking, and drinking, excessive partying. When he found out she was pregnant; he did a complete 360 degrees and cleaned up his act. He quit all that crap and got a job. He went to all the parenting classes, doctors appointment, everything with her and treated her like a spoiled princess. He saved up and bought her a ring. They were gonna get married after she gave birth because she didn't want to be "fat" in her wedding pictures.

Well, she gave birth (with him at her side), to a dark,darked skinned nappy hair little boy. My friend and his EX are both light skinned asians. Needless to say he and his parents (who flew from out of state and were in the waiting room) were shocked. His dad was so pissed, he called her a lying scheming slut!

Sheila79 Sheila79

He was face timing with another girl I was walking by and asked if we're breaking up he said yes

nonmember avatar MO Mom

@r0sal1n3 - what a terrible way for him to find out! I hope he didn't go back to his old ways because of it.

Tonya Putnam

My husband and I own a DJ business and we were scheduled to DJ a wedding on a certain date.  I got a phone call from the irate bride to be about a month before the wedding, letting us know that the wedding was cancelled.  I asked her if it needed to be postponed and she replied "No it is cancelled, but the (expletive deleted) groom to be and my sister (the maid of honor) might be calling us to DJ their wedding in the future...."   All I could say was I am sorry, and if you want, we will put their names on the "banned from our services" list....

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Wow. The worst I've done is break up with someone over the phone. However, we lived two hours apart and I thought it would be far worse to have him drive the two hours to break up and drive two hours back. I didn't hate him, I just didn't want to date him anymore!

Lissa411 Lissa411

Back in middle school, I had a boyfriend. I was the new girl in school and he wanted me. One day, I was packing up to leave class when I saw this white shiny binder. I wasnt a snoop but I wanted to see who it belonged to so that I could return it to it owner. I opened it and there was a paragraph with his FULL NAME. I was angry and confronted him about it and he denied we were going out. I made his school year a living hell.

jodie... jodieharp

Oh man, some of these are terrible!  The worst I've gotten was the text message breakup, while I was at work.  

elite... elites2012

bottom line is. who wants to see ur face when they are breaking up with you. send a text, email, or a phone call is the best way to break up. only a fool would call it coward. no rule saying that he or she has to tell u in ur face. ur not a married couple so the rules dont apply for face to face. get real, this is a new millennium.

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