7 Myths About Love That Are So Overplayed

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We've been told - and learned - about love since we were wee tots, toddling around in our diapers.

Some of the stuff we've been told and learned about love is true; while others are patently false.

So let's see how to debunk some of the most famous myths about love.

1) You have only one "true love." This is commonly portrayed in movies, fairy tales, and actually does more harm than good, because it sets us up for the belief that we must wait for our true love. And where does that leave those of us who are getting a divorce? (raises hand)

2) A good relationship with someone you love doesn't need sex. Sex is an important - integral - part of intimacy. It's not something to be rushed into, but to achieve intimacy, we must be able to be vulnerable to our partners.

3) Only freaks and weirdos use online dating services. While once thought to be the only option for freaks, geeks, and those who are planning to kill you, there is much to be said for the ability to meet others who can - and may - be good for you.

4) All the "good ones" are taken. This commonly held belief helps those of us who are single to feel okay about being single. The truth is, though, that a great partner could be right under your nose!

5) True love conquers all. While a romantic notion, it's the boring Part II of the courtship/marriage that will make or break a couple. There is much more to a relationship than love.

6) Children will make you closer to your partner. While children are fabulous additions to a life, they can also complicate a situation. Children need love, attention, time, and stability - and co-parenting can be extremely challenging.

7) Marriage is a dying institution. While most people claim the divorce rate is 50% (or that you're just as likely as not to stay with your partner 'til death do you part'), which is untrue. In the US, the divorce rate is far closer to 45%.

What are some other commonly held myths about love?

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nonmember avatar D

Good article:) Finally some realistic advice on relationships!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

45% is still nearly half of marriages ending in divorce. Jus sayin. You sound bitter. Maybe you should heal from your divorce before you write about love or marriage.

Michele Hoyt

KJbugsmom1517, actually I did not get bitterness from this article at all, I got reality. As a divorced after 15 years woman who remarried after 7 years single and has hit the 12 year mark in the second marriage, I can tell you that love changes as you mature and that you can love more than one person and fall out of love with that person in time as well. Kids are harder on relationships, whether they belong to only one of you or both. Most people have high expectations of love that are totally and completely unrealistic. This article was completely realistic and the advice right on.


the4m... the4mutts

How does this sound bitter? Its all true.

Love is not a romantic comedy. Relationships just don't work the way movies make it seem.

Aunt Becky- this is why I hate the twilight movies *aside from the piss poor plot line & terrible acting*

It gives teenage girls an unrealistic view of relationships. Showing some pathetic slug pine away for months when her b/f *who almost got her killed* moves away. Then starts partaking in self destructive, and dangerous activities. Then he comes crawling back, tries to kill himself thinking she's dead, and she almost dies for/because of him several more times.

Yah, that's what makes "true love" pft.

stork... storkneedsgps

I didn't think it sounded bitter. I thought it was pretty realistic

nonmember avatar Emily

The Beauty and The Beast myth. If you love him enough, he'll change.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Also on the "realistic, not bitter" bandwagon.

Right now, I'm trying to convince someone close to me of #5 - Sometimes love just isn't enough. It doesn't matter how much you love someone, if you can't trust or respect that person, love simply doesn't matter. And yes, you can still love that person, even if those things are not present - you just can't have a good relationship with them. And love does not conquer all.

PonyC... PonyChaser

And Mutts... LOL, thanks for the synopsis. I've been a Twilight hold-out for a long time now, and was considering going back and giving the series (books, not movies) another chance. I'm thinking, naah. My time is better spent cleaning out the litterbox and picking up poo from the back yard!

Todd Vrancic

One very damaging myth is "Anything he/she does to you is okay as long as he/she really loves you!"  Not a healthy worldview.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This is so realistic!!! Anyone who believes any of this is naive and needs to reevaluate their relationship. I have never agreed with the "all you need is love" comment. I am happily married (95% of the time haha) and I know this stuff isn't true. Great post.

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