Kristen Stewart’s ‘Daddy Issues’ Could Explain Why She Cheated (VIDEO)

kristen stewart john stewart
Kristen Stewart & dad John Stewart
Has anybody else been wondering if Kristen Stewart has daddy issues? I mean, do the math: KStew is 22. Her alleged flame/former director Rupert Sanders is 41. That there is what I call a sizable age difference. And as someone who may or may not have dated her 45-year-old professor when she was 22 because she may or may not have had a few daddy issues of her own to work out ... well, I'm just saying it's a possibility.

You know what they say -- if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably attempting to work out unresolved father/daughter relationship problems by seeking relationships of a sexual or romantic nature with an older man.

But what might those hypothetical father/daughter relationship problems be? 

By all accounts, KStew's father, TV stage manager and producer John Stewart, seems like a super-devoted dad -- standing up to paparazzi in her defense, calling his daughter "beautiful." Although he apparently wasn't too crazy about Twilight ...

Way back in 2009, when Kristen Stewart was a no-show at the Oscars, Access Hollywood's Billy Bush asked "Papa Stew" (as his daughter calls him) why she wasn't walking the red carpet with Robert Pattinson. His answer? Kristen would present at the Oscars to promote one of her films “when it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

Yowch!! Way to knock your daughter's multizillion-dollar accomplishment, Papa Stew.

I can just imagine how the whole Kristen/Rupert thing got rolling. They were filming Snow White, Rupert was all, "Kristen, that's fabulous. GENIUS. You have such a gift. I am in awe of your talent." And Kristen was all, Wow, I feel so validated by this attractive older man! And an affair was born.

Who knows? Only KStew's therapist. While we wait for answers, watch this video of Papa Stew getting up in some rude paparazzo's grill:

Do you think Kristen Stewart has daddy issues?


Image via hollywoodtv/YouTube

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Kelly... KellyBSchrute

Yep. Based on his one comment, if he looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then he has probably withheld his approval from her because he was treated the same way by his father, and he's incapable of showing it because he doesn't even know how it would look, and now she's desperately seeking for it elsewhere.

Now I have that great Linkin Park song in my head... "you were once like me with someone disappointed in you..."

Alain... Alainalynn

Im kristen's age and personally. I just think that Rupert Sanders is sexy!!

nonmember avatar Rach

I know Kristen is an adult, but I view this as an older adult taking advantage of a younger one, very similar to professors sleeping with their students; which is against the rules for a very important reason! He abused his position of power, and broke a sacred promise, yet Kristen is the one hung out to dry?! Ridiculous (I'm not defending Kristen but what he did was WAY WORSE!)

nonmember avatar Debbie

"I feel so validated by this attractive older man!" She must be blind. BARF!!

Linda Wierzba

You people really make me sick, you start your own new flashes just to generate an audiance.

Kelly... KellyBSchrute

Linda... This is a place to come and get "girlfriend chat" ---not news. :P

nonmember avatar folly

Finally, someone's looking a little deeper! My first impulse was to wonder about Kristen's father and if there were possibly any daddy issues (based on the unlikeliness of the hook-up with a much older man/authority figure in her life), but considering she's not from a broken home, I shrugged it off. After seeing that video though, I've got to wonder. Considering he makes his living in the movie business himself, he seems to be a bit of an over-reactor. That daddy appears to have issues of his own. I'm beginning to feel really bad for Kristen. Her life doesn't seem to be her own at all. I sincerely hope she can pull herself out of this and doesn't end up like the majority of child actors who stumble and never recover.

nonmember avatar Andrea

That video of her dad was on YouTube like I don't know how many years ago.

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