10 of the Worst Pickup Lines You'll Ever Hear

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You'll probably know him by the strong scent of Axe cologne he's apparently been bathing in.

He's been eyeing you awhile from across the bar, or maybe he's been trying to hit on other women around you. Either way, this guy is on the prowl, and you're his next victim. And when he makes his way to you, you can just TELL that he's about to try and pick you up with one of the worst lines ever.

Read on for some of the lowest of the low.

1) The classic "romantic" line: "You must be tired because you've been running through my head all night."

2) The younger crowd: "Hey, wanna go look at the stars on my ceiling? They glow in the dark."

3) The teen crowd: "Wanna go to my car and listen to music?" (May happen with or without air quotes around "listen to music.")

4) Mr. Perv: "Nice pants. They'd look better on my floor."

5) Perv, Jr.: "Nice legs, when do they open?"

6) Cocky Jerk: "Do you believe in love at first sight? Because I can walk by you again."

7) Random Idiot: "Like milk, I'll do your body good."

8) A**hole: "You know what would look good on you? ME."

9) Cocky A**hole: "I hope you're single because I really want to f*ck you."

10) Uncle Pervy: "I love it when a girl wears pigtails - I can use 'em as handlebars."

What are some of the worst pickup lines YOU'VE ever heard?


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BethA... BethAnnJay

Italian (or any other ethnicity) guy: "do you have Italian in you? Want some?"

nonmember avatar trinalo

My favorite pickup lines are the ones used on me by someone I'm already sleeping with. The best that comes to mind was a classic: Nice shoes. Wanna f**k?

jessi... jessicasmom1

I like the chat pick up lines,,, "what are you going to do about your boyfriend , when you fall in love with me" hahah give me a break who said I was falling anywhere

jalaz77 jalaz77

Hubby STILL says #10 when I wear a ponytail, braids...

holli... holli01683

I'm calling the police because you stole my heart

nonmember avatar 3xemomkey

He puts his hand up to stop a woman from talking, and says, "Shh, let's not turn this rape into a murder."

Tonya Putnam

"Hey, I don't know my way home, can I follow you?"  Or, "What do you like for breakfast? I want to know what to bring you tomorrow morning in my bed..."  

AHowa... AHoward66

Are you from Tennesee? Because you're the only ten I see!


(Check shirt tag) Just what I thought. Made in Heaven.

nonmember avatar WisconsinGirl

Do you have a map bcuz i keep getting lost in your eyes..

Maxim... MaximumAsh

Someone said to my mom "damn girl, you could be wrapped in a turd and still look good!" Lol ok?

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