What NOT to Do on a First Date

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First-date jitters - we all have 'em.

It's unfortunate, but most of us are aware that the first date is like a job interview conducted over dinner and a movie. That makes the jitters that much more absurd and severe.

So on that note, I'll give you a brief, yet helpful, primer for what NOT to do and what NOT to say on a first date.

1) Do not, under any circumstances, point out that you've got a scorching yeast infection.

2) Do not, under any circumstances, ask your date what his or her yearly income is.

3) Do not ever say, "my last boyfriend/girlfriend was amazing in bed." He could've been Ron Jeremy (ew), but no one needs to know that information.

4) Don't complain about your hemorrhoids - it's bad form.

5) Do not, under any circumstances, whip out your cell phone and Google stalk your date while he's sitting across the table.

6) Don't ask for "his number" (the number of people he's been with) and reply, "Oh hell, I did that many guys my first semester in college!"

7) Don't, whatever you do, ask, "so you're paying for dinner, right?" and immediately order Surf-n-Turf with a bottle of Dom if the answer is yes.

8) Don't ask for the phone number of parents and friends to "check his references."

9) Don't tell him all the stories of your most recent breakups - it's unnecessary detail and makes it sound like you're SO not over your exes.

10) Don't ask, "hey, can you pick up this one? I gotta run to my OTHER boyfriend's house for some cash."

What are some other things to avoid on a first date?


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OkieG... OkieGirl74

Was this really 'posed to be helpful?

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i think it was meant more as humor...not helpful. At least i found it more funny that useful. It made me giggle.

jsr87 jsr87

This was so funny that I forgot to laugh

Loveb... Lovebugbaby

I would sincerely hope noone did any of those on a first date..

Tesserae Tesserae

Wow. That was neither funny nor useful. It was just bad.

nonmember avatar Sirens

Oh, common guys, this is the best article I've read on the stir in weeks. Be it not super funny, at least the author doesn't take herself too seriously. I can appricate that much

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