Robert Pattinson's Sudden Move Is Bad News for Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

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Robert PattinsonWow! I know he's not exactly the type of guy who tends to talk openly about his personal life -- but the fact that Robert Pattinson just moved out of the home he shares with Kristen Stewart definitely speaks volumes about how he's reacting to her cheating with Rupert Sanders.

I'm sure he's nothing less than completely humiliated and heartbroken over the fact that she slipped up and gave into temptation -- but going so far as to pack his bags and move out seems like a pretty rash move considering how long they've been together. And as far as Kristen is concerned, his sudden departure from their pad is definitely not good news.

There's always the chance that he just felt the need to get away for a little while so he can have some time to collect his thoughts and think about what to do next -- but typically when someone moves out of a home they share with their significant other, they probably aren't planning on coming back.

The public apology that Kristen Stewart issued yesterday expressing her regret and sorrow for what is turning out to be the biggest mistake of her life really did seem heartfelt. And judging from how much Rob has always fawned all over her and adored her, I figured he'd probably take some time to really think things over before ending their relationship for good.

But now that he's physically left, Kristen probably shouldn't get her hopes up about a reconciliation happening. If I had to guess, this was his way of telling her that he is never going to forgive her for cheating on him, and that's why he's moving out and moving on with his life.

The next few months should prove to be very interesting for these two, especially when Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres in November. Good grief -- can you even imagine how things on the red carpet are going to play out? (I can already smell the drama.)

Do you think that Robert and Kristen will find their way back to each other?


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mrspease mrspease

Just because he packed a couple of bags and left doesn't mean he moved out. He could very easily be going to stay with a friend while he processes everything. "Moving out" involves a whole lot more than a couple of bags. Of course, "Robert Pattinson goes to stay with a friend for awhile" probably wouldn't sell many magazines.

hanna... hannahsmom238

Kristen Stewart is only 22 he may as well be her high school boyfriend. If they are done they'll move on. I feel a little sorry for her.

Autumn Scott

I dont feel sorry for her at all. If he is just clearing his head then so be it but hopefully he is smarter than to think she won't do it again. Apologies sound really convincing when one gets caught and is about to lose the other.

Sarah Elizabeth Burgess

Move out before twilight, move back in closer to the premiere, get engaged if there's a spinoff. Fake pregnancy if dvd sales are low. 


I don't feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for him. Whatever happens will happen and I think it's good for him to know how easy it is for her to give into "temptation." Yes, she's young but maybe that's a sign that she's not mature enough to be in a real relationship. I've said it before, if Robert would have been the one to cheat you women would be all over him like crazy and you all know it. What's fair is fair. The pain of cheating is no worse for a woman than it is for a man. Hurt is hurt.

Albond86 Albond86

Good for him! If true he needs to just leave her!

singe... singer825

I don't feel sorry for her either. Apparently, the love and respect that Kristen has for Robert wasn't strong enough to prevent her from cheating. They are both young and will bounce back. In the meantime, I'm still waiting for celebrities to stop forgetting that they are celebrities with paparazzi following them around everywhere.

Jess1... Jess10210

She deserves him to leave her. Just read that she didn't think he'd leave because he is, according to her, "pussy whipped". Cocky little brat, he deserves better.

butte... buttercup627

Im pretty sure she cheated and left her ex for Rob so it'snot surprising that she does this

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