Robert Pattinson Should Forgive Kristen Stewart for Cheating (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartIn what has to be the most scandalous & surprising piece of celebrity couple news since Katie filed for divorce from Tom -- Kristen Stewart was caught red-handed cheating on Robert Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. And of course, Twilight fans are going crazy & getting all bent out of shape this morning because they just can't understand how something like this could happen to Hollywood's "it" couple.

Perhaps one of the worst parts of the whole deal isn't solely the fact that Kristen cheated, but that she cheated with a married father of two. Giving into temptation was definitely a major lapse in judgement on both their parts -- but I'm just not sure this incident signals the end of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it winds up being nothing more than a blip on the radar -- because the kiss she shared with Sanders is being blown out of proportion.

Yes, they locked lips -- but that doesn't exactly constitute a full-blown affair. And yes, they should've known better than to get caught up in the moment, but it's not like they've been sneaking around for months and shacking up in cheap hotels or anything like that. My guess is that they were innocently chatting, and one thing led to another, and the next thing they knew, they were playing tonsil hockey. (It happens.)

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And it's also important to note that while Kristen and Robert have been together for quite some time, they're both still young -- and they're not married yet. Don't take what I'm saying the wrong way, because I'm definitely not condoning Kristen's actions. But I truly believe she and Rob can definitely get over this little slip and move on.

They've had such a rock solid relationship ever since they first started dating, and if they're truly as committed as they claim to be, it's going to take a lot more than one kiss to tear them apart and end things for good. Rob has always supported Kristen and obviously adores her -- and he'll prove his devotion even more by forgiving & forgetting her actions. And now that Kristen has issued a formal apology acknowledging her wrongdoing, Rob has even more reason to give her a second chance.

Take a look at this video to hear more about what happened with Kristen & Rupert Sanders.

Do you think Robert should break things off with Kristen or forgive her?


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banan... banana-bear

I don't think you or anyone has the right to tell someone they need to forgive their cheating partner. Everyone has limits set on what they constitute as "cheating". For me and my husband, a kiss, inappropriate conversations, inappropriate touching, etc. are all considered cheating. We both agreed that if either falls out of love or wants to be with someone else, it's better to just cut loose and leave rather than drag the whole family down with that bullshit. If I caught my husband kissing another woman like she has done with Sanders, I would file for divorce. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Melan... Melanie420

if they were truly committed as they claim kristen never. Would have kissed another guy period, I would leave her, she's an ugly skank

Misty... Misty.Dawn

Since none of us really have the right to say what he should do, im not gonna comment on that. But what would i do in the same situation? I would consider this cheating. Everyone has their own definition of cheating..& we are like banana-bear...any of those things are cheating.....BUT there are like different "levels" (for lack of a better better) of cheating. Something like kissing? Eh, if i could tell he was sincerly forgive. But if he acted like it was nothing & wasnt sorry...he could take a hike!

nonmember avatar blh

I don't think cheating should ever be forgiven, and no it doesn't "just happen". I've been the cheater before I know all about it. And how awful that she admitted it in public. Being cheated on is humiliating enough without the whole world knowing about it.

Nay25 Nay25

I think they should stay together he should forgive her.

MomoLS MomoLS

Robert Pattinson can choose to do whatever he wants, but I can't stand by the statement that suddenly finding yourself lip-locking with a married person "just happens."  No, it doesn't.  People with self-control and awareness don't just let that happen.  I've been tempted before, but I keep it at fantasy-level because I'm aware of the ramifications of what happens if you do something you're not supposed to do.

And it wasn't one kiss, it was a full make-out session.  That doesn't "just happen."

stork... storkneedsgps

How does that just happen? I think kissing someone else is cheating!

nonmember avatar Chris

It’s hard to believe that the one and only time they hooked up they got caught. You know what they say about roaches and “for every one you see….” Besides this is not her first time playing the cheater – can you say pattern? The apologies were completely self serving. They are sorry all right, sorry people who are sorry they got caught! It's called self control and respect...get some.

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