15 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Crush to Ask You Out

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So you like this guy because he's amazing. And has sweet eyes. And you just KNOW you'd be a great couple because you have awesome chemistry together.

But you're not sure of this: how do you make it all work? How do you show him that you're not "one of the guys?" How do you tell this man you're infatuated with that you two should be together?

Here are some tips for getting your crush to date you.

1) First and foremost, do not, no matter how tempting, succumb to changing who YOU are to be someone HE would want to date. You're perfect as you are.

2) When you're together, steer the conversation toward common interests.

3) Make plans to do things that you both like to do.

4) Ask him to teach you something he's passionate about to get him talking and excited. Guys love to show off what they know.

5) Try your hand at flirting with him, even if it feels awkward. The more you flirt, the better you'll be at it.

6) Dudes dig chicks who are funny - they can relate well to humor. Use that whenever you can.

7) Remember: funny and flirty, not slutty.

8) That stupid book about playing "hard to get" is worthless. Guys don't like chicks who act as though they need a guidebook to understand them.

9) Be yourself around him.

10) Don't reveal too much too soon. Play your cards and be a little coy without being confusing or sending out mixed messages.

11) Don't be afraid to walk away with your dignity intact (if he tells you he wants to date your friend, for example) before acting like a crazy girl.

12) Remember: the opposite sex DOES like a little challenge and mystery, so don't act desperate. Men hate that.

13) Don't bring the drama - guys don't appreciate it. And if that's what he seems to want, run in the other direction.

14) Be upbeat and positive and happy - you don't have to be a Debbie Downer. Almost anything can be spun in a positive light.

15) If you think that it's the right time (and are comfortable no matter what the outcome), tell him you have feelings for him.

Any other advice for getting your crush to date you?


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Laura Jerpseth

These are centainly not "Fool-Proof".

Death... Deathlilly

Agreed, NOT foolproof. And this only goes for men you actuall get to hang out with. What about the cute guy at work? or the guy who always runs down your street? Etc. etc.

nonmember avatar melissa

I love how number 1 says don't.change yourself, then goes on to list several ways to change how you are to 'relate' 'attract'. I think if your negative or have to be reminded to stay positive, then you probably have some issues underlying that need sorting out, and a little blog does not address any of that. Just read these follow through and it will work better then what you were doing, but failing miserably at so you had to read this blog for tips. I think this was more about writing something for the sake of writing something. This is not writing worthy of dignity and praise. This is grasping for anything to fill up more space. Please find something more high quality and in depth to write about please. We can handle it.

the4m... the4mutts

Fool proof = wear a low cut top, giggle like a featherhead, and bend over in front of him.

That's how you get a date ;) lol

nonmember avatar Mel

What are we, 12? Just the title was patronising enough.

Todd Vrancic

And my dear wife just did the first thing on this list and as far as I know didn't do the others.  Married 26 years this October.

nonmember avatar Vasia

Did not work people made fun of me

nonmember avatar Wolvie755

My crush seems to hate me what do I do?

nonmember avatar Caitlyn

Did work I got sexy boy all over me he is asking me out but I say I will think about it WAT should I do say yes or say no any help would be HREAT!!

nonmember avatar LadyChick

I like your wise words of wisdom to the other lady chicks. This is some great advice!

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