Sex Confession: I Fantasize About My Daughter's Swim Coach

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olympic pool“Sex Confessions” is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

Today's sex confession comes from Lynn*, a 40-something married mom of three kids. She can't stop fantasizing about her daughter's swim coach. She admits she has it bad for the handsome, 20-something aqua-man, so bad that she can barely get words out when he talks to her ... about her daughter, of course. She can't get him off her mind and he is the subject of her naughty daydreams. This lust affair is a one-way deal, and embarrassingly, Lynn's daughter is on to her. Read on to hear more of her confession in her own words.

I'm not sure if I'm more upset that I can't get this guy out of my head or that my daughter is completely aware of my massive crush on her swim coach. I honestly feel like a high schooler myself. Totally immature. But this guy -- wow, this guy. He is so cute, so sweet to all the kids, and he has invaded my mind. I cannot stop thinking about him and my thoughts are almost entirely impure.

I have thought about him when having sex with my husband. I have thought about him while pleasuring myself. I have thought about what he would be like if he were the father of my kids.

That last one might be the worst offender because I do love my husband. He's a great dad, but not around much because he works a lot. Maybe I'm just missing my husband. Maybe it's because our kids are grown, and I'm looking at an empty nest soon enough and with all the kids gone off to college, I'll be left all alone. Maybe that's why I'm thinking things like this. I see this young guy with my kids and think, Wow! I wish my husband was able to be more involved.

I'm not sure what it is but I've completely embarrassed my daughter because she can tell that her coach makes me all giddy. She doesn't want me at her meets anymore and she wants me to stay in the car when I pick her up and not come to the pool area like I used to. I feel like that will make it all the more obvious.

I think I need to talk to my husband. I think I need him to figure out a way to be more present. So these feelings I have for another man can subside and they don't get worse and I actually try to act on them.

What advice would you give to this confessor? Is it all that bad to fantasize about other people when married?


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ldbc ldbc

Follow your daughters advice. If it makes her uncomfortable, it is not worth it. Don't risk breaking up your family. Besides, if he is all that he probably already has a girlfriend.....or possibly a boyfriend. Who knows?

Opal_... Opal_skye86

I don't think it's wrong to fantasize, but she sounds like she's obsessing another. I think we're all guilty of it at some point. Just remember what you truly love about your husband, and ask yourself, would the man I'm fantasizing about be worth risking my marriage over? More often than not, the answer is no, but if it isn't maybe you should seek marriage counseling. Remember this- your soul mate is the one person who makes you know that there is no other choice, and no other person you could truly ever bond with like you do with that one person...

CAP1015 CAP1015

You're a whore and a slut............NOT REALLY! 

I'm betting that what really happens is that you find something in this coach/person that makes you feel good about yourself, gives you some excitement andit's like a time machine and you go back to feelings you had long ago before "life" took over.  You feel that it is partly your husbands fault because "he" doesn't make you feel this way........this isn't true, it's really your issue, and how you feel about yourself. It's not uncommon, and just to let you in on a secret, your hubby' has probably felt that way about a teacher/etc before as well............OOPs now how does that feel?

The biggest problem is two fold, first you are letting your excitment overcome your judgement/behaviour and embarrasing your daughter..........not good!  Second you should try to find a way to use this to spice up things with you and hubby, he actually might like hearing about what you would "do" to him and then you show him? Or he may even go for role play or creative and get a lot better and hiding your giddiness!.


pollo... pollopicu

If this article was about a married man fantasizing about his daughters female swim coach people would be up in arms.



aReal... aRealteenMother

^ I don't think so. People always assume there are more double standards than there actually are. THAT'S disgusting.


As for "Lynn," I'd say you do need to talk to your husband and say, hey, I'm lonely and it's making me want to get it on with hot swim coaches, what do we do about this? Though, maybe not in those words lol.

nonmember avatar Mike M

You could go with a friend to meet him to have a discussion about your feelings for him (along with mentioning that you're married and still can't keep him out of your mind [which, to my understanding as someone who can communicate with spirits at all times is due to you and the swim coach sharing 2 previous lives together {which is quite significant and why the feelings you have for him are so difficult to shake off; judgments about your actions and desires are not based on who you truly are (I'm referring to your soul, and few people on Earth know the character of your soul) and so they should not be taken personally}. Now for your soul's current life you need to focus on your husband and not the swim coach, however. {Also, with regard to soul mates, there is no spiritual reason for us to limit ourselves to a single lover. Love is love and love has the greatest effect when it is shared with all, not just one person. Spiritually speaking, it is selfish, discriminative, and/or narrow-minded to only share our love for others with a single individual.}]) and so you can get an understanding about his perspective on the issue. (If the information I mentioned about your past shared lives isn't enough for you to understand the situation, my thinking is that if he's not interested in breaking apart your marriage then that should help you get your mind off him.)

Steven Beene

pollopicu is right.

If a man was OPENLY lusting for his daughter's swim coach I hardly think the comments would be so sympathetic.

She should SQUASH those thoughts. When men try to play the "I couldn't help myself" card or "It just happeneed" ploy ... no one buys it, and rightfully so.

We expect men to curb their "natural responses" - and it's not "different" for a woman.

She is so obvious that her own daughter has clearly caught on. How would anyone of you feel if your husband came home and your son told me that your hubby was OPENLY attracted to his son's female coach. Obviously so open and showing his interest that your own son noticed, and probably so did other team members .... you'd be furious at the emotional betrayal, his clear lack of control, and that he did it in front of your child.

So, yea, " aRealteenMother" there ARE double standards and the tone of this story, and the tone of the responses shows it. Get a clue.

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