Wife Breastfeeds Husband for the Sake of Their Love Life (VIDEO)

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wife breastfeeds husband

Most couples will go to just about any length possible to make sure they maintain a satisfying sex life, but one husband & wife who appeared on TLC's Strange Sex may win the prize for the most bizarre form of foreplay anyone has ever taken part in.

In order to help fix his erectile dysfunction and keep things hot, Michelle actually breastfeeds her husband Jeff to make sure he climaxes. Yes -- she breastfeeds him -- as in he latches on and drinks the milk as it starts flowing as if he were a hungry baby. And this isn't a one time deal, because Jeff's been getting his milk on for a year and a half! (Let me guess -- you just threw up in your mouth a little bit, right?)

Take a look at the video clip below to see Jeff describe his first encounter with being "fed" by his wife -- and try not to laugh when she walks up to him and says, "The faucet's on."


OMG!!! Do you believe these two? I mean, I guess I can sort of understand this guy being turned on by breastfeeding because men pretty much love anything having to do with breasts -- but the fact that she finds it arousing as well is just so outrageous and bizarre ... not to mention totally gross.

It's all well and good that Michelle & Jeff want to do whatever it takes to keep things hot and heavy between them, but breastfeeding? Really?

I guess it's a good thing they've got one other kinky form of turning each other on to resort to when her milk dries up. Apparently these two are into the whole vampirism thing. (Again with the bodily fluids -- yikes!)

What is the craziest sexual turn-on you've ever heard of?


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Miche... Michelephant

What's the big stink about?  They aren't hurting anyone, it's consensual, it works and hey think of all the nutrients this guy is getting on a regular basis.  His immune system must be kick ass.

Sili Sili

Um, I think that might be the strangest thing I've ever heard but I guess with a show like Strange Sex, I'm sure they'll be topping it soon...

nonmember avatar Kayleigh

Wow...to each their own I guess. I joked with my husband from time to time about doing that during sex. Never knew other people actually did it! But yeah I don't care as long as they keep it behind closed doors..and definitly away from the kids! lol

nonmember avatar American Expat

Yeah don't see the big deal! If you don't like it don't do it, don't watch the show.

In fact, long time ago, there used to be this nomadic tribe in Central Asia, where for the marriage to be fully sealed, the husband was required to nurse for a day shortly after the birth of their firstborn from his wife's breast. Once done, the couple was never permitted to divorce. Since this practice was done as a ritual to a pagan fertility goddess, the arrival of Islam put a quick end to it.

tinyp... tinypossum

I'd be willing to bet these two would do or say anything to get on TV. But, to each their own, I suppose. 

Taisie Taisie

So many people are on about that 50 shades of grey book, that is violent and abusive, but yet find THIS creepy? At least this isn't abusive in anyway, just kinda icky imho, but hey, at least their not hurting anyone, including themselves...

And my ex once put my breastmilk I had in the fridge in his morning coffee, we were out of milk, so he used what we had, I was all like, ewww lol, and he said, heh, just tasted like coffee with milk.

Dusti Smith McLain

did anyone else catch that she said he has an "impregnation fetish" and wants to fill her with his seed [as much as he can]? Who's going to pay for all those kids? And how are they going to raise those children? I  mean what are their philosophies on child rearing? The small amount of info we get about these people indicates that he definitely has a mental disorder and she may have one. 

truet... truetigress

I saw the episode...bizarre yes...but what got me was the woman who had NATURAL breasts and her bra size was like 102 ZZZ....I felt so bad for her ....I mean the place she used to have her bras custom-made closed down so now she is on the hunt for another place. She hasn't bought a new bra in 2 years....and the place she went to buy a new one gave her the biggest size they had and it was just TOO small. Can you imagine? Everyone asked her about getting a breast redux and she said that those breasts were from God and she wouldn't change a thing. I guess she had a rare condition where her breasts kept on growing.


Heather Duso Johnson

Actually in the olden days it was quite common for Mom to give breastmilk to all her kids and Dad when they had a cold or had been exposed to someone with a cold or other sickness. It's a huge immunity booster or is supposed to be. 

truet... truetigress

Dusti...I know right! That's what got me worst....he has an impregnantation fetish as well...he wants to have 8 or more kids! That's more breast milk each time she has a child...WOW I'd HATE to be that woman. Imagine how much she would have to eat to have enough milk for her kids, and then add him to the mix! Yeesh!


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