Girls Who Get Loud During Sex Have More Fun

volumeIt always seems like the guys get the lion's share of luck in the bedroom, doesn't it? They don't have to worry about getting pregnant. They don't have to worry about clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms. The list goes on. But ladies, sing it loud, we have got some good news!

Turns out the research reveals that womankind owns the title of top volume in between the sheets. That's right, women are louder during sex than men -- some 94 percent of ladies admit it, and 70 percent of men agree.

Now some folks are instantly jumping to the "ooh, must mean she has to fake her orgasms" conclusion. But I think there's a better reason for this phenomenon, a much, much better one for femalekind. Before you get all nervous and start trying to tone it down, you might want to consider this.

Ever read an article with a sexpert? It seems like they are constantly advising us that if we want to get satisfaction in bed, we need to own our sexual experience. Remember the phrase you learned back in kindergarten about how honesty is the best policy? It applies during sex too.

So let's take this back to naughty ladies getting noisy, shall we? There may be ladies out there who moan and groan so they can fake the big O, but the way the actual experts talk, being loud is a good thing ... heck, it seems like the one way to prevent having to fake it.

Ladies, if you're loud during sex because you're telling him what feels good and what doesn't, it doesn't make you a controlling, bossy you-know-what. It makes you a good lover and him an ever better one. And that's what's going to get you to orgasm, not lying there quiet as a churchmouse while he makes your nipples feel like tenderized hamburger.

Just think about it: men don't have the same anatomy, so of course they need feedback. Would you know how to give a good blow job if no guy ever told you "ouch, teeth, no" or the like? Exactly.

So scream it loud and scream it proud!

Spill: who's louder during sex in your house?


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Mrscj... Mrscjones

I agree 100%. I'm a loud girl in the bedroom but only if you hitting the right spots.

Allic... AlliceNWnderLnd

Be loud all you want in your own home.. but the its really trashy to be loud anywhere else. Yuck

SoJaided SoJaided

My fiancée is EXTREMELY well endowed so its kinda hard not to be kinda loud lol

nonmember avatar Suzie Heumann

Practice opening up your throat while making sounds during sexual pleasure. You can even practice in private with different sounds. Low register sounds open up the pelvic and chest regions and often are the key to vaginal orgasms and even female ejaculation. When you make a high pitched noise it is done with a closed throat and comes from the throat up to the head. When you make a deep, low sound it comes from the pelvis and belly region of the body. It's resonate and vibrates the vagus nerve which is connected to the uterus, cervix and G-spot.
When you use your sounds often your brain connects the sounds to orgasm and when you are having a tougher time having an orgasm (it happens sometimes!) then if you make those sounds that your nervous system resonates with you are likely to kick yourself over into an orgasm. These things work together!

Luvin... Luvinmykids225

I am most definitely the louder one,  but it doesnt mean he is not feeling the same thing i just dont know how to voice themselves or communicate during sex unless they are talking dirty..and really..what girl doesnt love that shit? lol

jmbunn jmbunn

Most definatly me lol

Nikki Frey-Fairchild

im definetly the louder one!!!  And have NO shame about it!!!!  LOL

corma... cormarbla

Me it's me and I admit it ! He is more of a grunter and groaner. He's been the only man to ever give me a vaginal orgasm in my whole entire life and I'm in my mid 40s! Yes I've had plenty of clitoral ones, they are great too, but the vaginal ones leave me mind blowing numb! LOL. He and I both love to talk dirty to each other, that is a huge turn on for both of us. Sex is just better as you get older, at least I think so. I'm a very happy camper.

nonmember avatar Lady D

Ooh, I am definately louder then my man. He's very good at finding the right spots - he's determined to let the neighbours know exactly what we're doing. ;)

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