Nicole Kidman's Silence Over Tom Cruise Divorce Speaks Volumes

Tom CruiseWe have yet to hear a peep from Tom Cruise's former wife, Nicole Kidman, since his current wife, Katie Holmes, gave him the heave-ho. Word has it that Nicole doesn't want to say anything about the divorce to anyone -- not even to friends. Because her phone is bugged. At least, rumor has it that it used to be. Tom has probably moved on to bugging Katie's phones now. But Nicole is still wise to keep her lip zipped. Between those Scientology stalkazoids and the fact that her kids, Isabella and Connor, live with Tom, keeping quiet is smart.

A source says:

Nicole really does not want to be dragged into this or say anything to anyone. At some point though, she will probably be forced to say something, and she will most likely support Tom for the sake of their children.

But she must be gloating just a little bit, right? Right.

Nicole always made it clear that Tom's filing for divorce just before their tenth year anniversary (and right after they renewed their marriage vows) caught her completely by surprise. Also it's always been said that Nicole was pregnant when Tom bailed. She then miscarried. How tragic is that?

Then there's how Tom has acted during his romance with Katie. All jumping up and down on the couch. All proclaiming his undying love to the perfect woman. Nicole seems very happy with Keith Urban and their babies ... but that had to have been annoying.

When an ex brutally dumps you -- and then moves on to the "perfect" relationship, which turns out not to be so perfect -- there's a little part of you, deep down, that smirks. Just a bit! Or maybe more than a bit.

If you've been blaming yourself for the end of the relationship, wondering what you did wrong and what you could have done differently, watching your ex's second relationship also fail can give you a much-needed Ah-ha! moment. A moment of, "So it's not just me. Maybe it is him."

And is that so wrong?

Have you ever felt satisfaction when an ex's new relationship failed?


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linzemae linzemae

No, I have never. I wish them well in their relationships. I don't think Nichole really would care either. She seems to have a healthy happy relationship with Keith!

nonmember avatar Mary

One thing that's admirable about Nicole is that she doesn't bad mouth other people even those who caused her so much hurt. And I haven't heard a single person who's worked with her say bad things about her either. I guess she really is a genuinely good person. People just misjudge her as cold because of her perfect looks and icy demeanor. But, I guess, what you see isn't always what you get, right? I mean look at Tom, in the public eye, he is a very likeable actor, but with all the controversies in his life, with all three marriages ending in divorce, there must be something off about him.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Trying to get NK involved is stupid. Its been forever and a day since they were together and they've both obviously moved on. What would she HAVE to say about it anyway? She's doing the right and mature thing by not getting involved. It'd just make her look desperate for publicity or something.


butte... butterflyfreak

Maybe she has nothing to say about it because it really isn't any of her business and she has moved on with her life.

bills... billsfan1104

Butterflyfreak said what I wanted to say.

nonmember avatar Jess

I know it's terrible, and sometimes I feel really shallow about it, but here it is: I was with this guy for 10 years, was head over heels, first love, wanted to marry after college, yada yada. Come to find out he was cheating on me for 3 of the 10 years with this one girl. We broke up of course. 5 years later, he comes knocking on more door, was like 60pounds overweight, and saying he was so sorry for what he did to me.....cause the women he had cheated and left me for was now cheating on him! Hooray! That made my lifetime! Scum bags deserve it! Karma!

nonmember avatar Justme60

I think Nicole is a truly class act and would not dare comment. Besides she seems happier than ever with Keith (I would too) and their little girls. Her older children will be sorry one day that they ignored their Mom. But you know, deep down, Nicole has to be chuckling a little! What goes around comes around.

Amy Lynn

i'm sorry but when my ex-husband remarries someday - if for some reason it ends in divorce, i will have nothing to say either. it's not my business. why should nicole give any statement or answer anyone's questions? she's not with tom. it doesn't affect HER life.

nonmember avatar Beckster

There has to be a confidential clause in her divorce papers from Tom which would prohibit her from making any comments about the dissolution of marriage. It would most likely cost her an arm and a leg if she were to breach to confidentiality clause.

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