Naked Military Wife Is Baring All for a Loving Cause

battling bareThey may say the same vows, but a military marriage is unlike any other. Living on a base far away from your family, having your husband gone for two years at a time, worrying if he will come home alive. It's hard on a relationship, to say the least. A lot of women couldn't deal. What's even harder? When your husband comes back different ... frighteningly different.

Imagine if the man you loved locked himself in a hotel room with guns and alcohol and told you "he might do something stupid." That's what Ashley Wise faced when her husband Rob returned from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She reached out to the Family Advocacy Group at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where they live, but realized that if she got her husband the help he needed, he could be dishonorably discharged.

Thousands are coming back with PTSD, suffering from violent mood swings, erratic behavior, and severe depression. And it's not just the soldiers who deal with it. The entire family has to face this sad reality of war and military wives are ready to battle when it comes to saving their men and their marriage.

Frustrated with the military's reaction, Ashley waged a war of her own. One night, she had a friend scribble the following poem on her back with an eyeliner:

Broken by battle, wounded by war, I love you forever,

To you this I swore: I will quiet your silent screams,

Help heal your shattered soul,

Until once again, my love, you are whole.

After she posted the picture to her Facebook page and asked other wives to do the same, the organization Battling Bare was born. It's where hundreds of women share their stories and find the support and encouragement they need to keep fighting for their marriages. They are also getting awareness for PTSD, a problem most of us will never have to deal with or understand.

It's an admirable cause, but one Wise gets flack for. She's been called an "attention grabbing whore" among other things. But sticks and stones. Those spiteful, ignorant jabs mean nothing to her if showing a little skin will help her get her husband back.

What do you think about Ashley's cause?


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nonmember avatar Pretty And Sad

Beautiful. And sad. This demonstrates that we are treating the military poorly by sending them to fight just for monetary profit for corporations involved in defense and reconstruction. Ruining lives for the benefit of only a few, then we leave them to such turmoil with the barest of resources when they return because we have "used them up" beyond their purpose to the monetary cause. So unfortunate.

navyw... navywife0204

I fully support this woman! 

MomOf... MomOfArmyBrat

Been there with my own hubby.  I think this is AWESOME and I completely understand and support her!!

Ruth Farr Ashlock

I totally support her cause. If she were all that she has been called, it wouldnt be as tastefully done as the above picture. God bless her, the spouses in the same situation, and the soldiers themselves!

Challey Rochelle Fox

As a military wife, I support her.. what ever it takes to get the message out! we don't bash our media for running shows that "bare" more than she has, in fact we tune in nightly... If we cared as much about our men and women returning home "broken" as we did about our television shows that "bare" it for entertainment, we wouldn't bat an eye at what she's done! she has my applause and support!

nonmember avatar 808navywife

good cause and i dont see how she is being an attention grabbing whore when its just her back showing. its not like she wrote it on her stomach and has her full frontal showing.

nonmember avatar Katy Briseno

I feel for her and many of the spouses who await for their husband's arrivial to only realize their husband isn't "whole". My husband suffers from PTSD and it is so hard for others to understand. I am not sure how this ladie's husband wasn't given help...his 1st SGT and CO could have been fired for not allowing her husband get the help he needed. I know it took my husband several months to get help but he keep fighting for it and so did his counslor. Sounds like her husband's unit/CO or whoever just really slacked and didn't want to do the paperwork. Very tragic because PTSD does affect every person within the family and no one ever gets passed it...they have to learn to live with it in a safe manor. I love her quote on her back and pray that her husband gets the help he does need.

nonmember avatar J Darling

It's kind of funny to me that people are using the words "Attention Grabbing Whore". Isn't the point to grab attention? Mission accomplished. And there is nothing indecent about anyone baring their back. If there is, than these folks must also have a problem with low backed gowns, swimsuits with scooped backs, etc... Must be a super conservative crowd.

Kelley Isom

When will we stop pointing fingers in judgement and start reaching out with love? Maybe some people won't agree with how this particular message is "getting out there". Ok. To each his own. But let's not lose the importance of the cause just because of the delivery system.

How about instead of tossing out accusations and judgement, those that disagree with the method this wife chose find a way to raise awareness in a way they do like?

This is about our troops and the families that love them getting the help they need without fear of retribution.

Stay focused. Anyone can say "I don't like the way you're doing that" but it takes someone special to take it a step further and say "I found a way to do it that I like and here it is!"

God bless our troops, those that love them, and those that reach out in love as they look for solutions!!

Linda Saulnier

everyone needs to wake up and see whats happening to our military personel when they come home, help them ,don't give them a dishonorable discharge .they weren't dishonorable when they were out there fighting for our freedom, thats where they got the stress and problems they bring home to their family, God Bless them and military give them the help they need, to come home and be the loving wives and husbands they were when they left. God Bless you all

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