10 Types of Guys Women Will Regret Dating

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The very thought of dating can bring even the most sane woman to her knees.

From the first-date jitters to the weird way he insists upon folding his socks, you may consider joining a nunnery rather than hopping back into the dating pool.

But have no fear, ladies. I've put together a list of the most common guys, and their pros and cons. Here are the 10 most common types of guys you'll see out there on the playing field.

The "It's All About Me Dude": You'll know this classic narcissist when you find him looking in the mirror and fixing his hair over your shoulder as you embrace.

Pros: He's hot.

Cons: He's not as hot as he thinks he is.

The Starving Artist: You'll know this guy because he's waiting tables while waiting for his carefully-penned book to sell or his record deal to magically fall into his lap.

Pros: He's sensual and great in the sack.

Cons: At 40, he's still playing in a grunge band, positive he's going to "make it big" one day.

The Metrosexual: This guy knows all your shows -- from Golden Girls reruns to Sex in the City, he's got them all under his belt -- and will happily watch them again.

Pros: He knows if your bag matches your lipstick and knows the best place to get manicures in town.

Cons: You can't tell if he's gay.

Your Boss: This guy isn't YOUR boss, per se (hopefully, because awk!), but he's THE Boss -- the Big Big Boss -- the kind that makes his employees shiver whenever he's nearby.

Pros: He's assertive and not afraid to go after what he wants.

Cons: He'll occasionally treat you like an employee rather than a partner.

Casanova Complex: A true romantic, this guy has been engaged more times than you can count on one hand, always convinced his next date will be with The One.

Pros: He'll shower you with praise and compliments.

Cons: As soon as you show that you're human (by burping after dinner, for example), he's moved on to the next One.

The Professor: This guy is a genius (or believes he is, at the very least), able to talk for hours about quantum physics or astronomy.

Pros: He's very interesting to listen to.

Cons: Because he "knows everything," you'll never be right.

Uncle Pervy: This guy knows everything about you, from where you graduated to the type of honey you put in your afternoon tea, he's got it all laid out.

Pros: You never have to explain what you're doing.

Cons: You'll never have to explain what you're doing because he already knows.

The One: You'll know this guy from the sweeping montage music playing in the background when you two meet.

Pros: well, he's The One!

Cons: He only exists in movies from the 1930s.

BFF: You'll know this dude because, well, you guys are besties -- have been for years.

Pros: He knows you and STILL loves you.

Cons: Dating means that you run the risk of ruining a great friendship.

That Dude With the Accent From That Small Ass Country You Can't Remember the Name Of: You'll meet this guy as you wander around the dog park or at a small coffee shop.

Pros: His accent leaves you breathless.

Cons: He's hoping to marry you for a Green Card.

What other types of guys are out there?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Mine is a mix of the professor and the boss. He is very smart, is an executive aaaand occasionally brings that attitude home : ) I just remind him that he is home, "we" are equals at home. It's not bad at all. He admits when he has crossed a line, it's rare that he crosses a line.

nonmember avatar American Expat

Just freakin capital! You managed exclude every man in existence! Lucky for me my dear is quite okay with me being mere human enough to have flaws and imperfections lol.

sunfl... sunflowers12

I got the starving artist/ its all about me dude... 21 years of it now:/

creat... creativeleader

Cant forget the pathological liar. The one that lies about every single thing even when Its not necessary !

Lauren Arnold

I have the same man as jalaz77 (professor and the boss) Even when I'm right, somehow I'm still wrong.

Lynnette Wogen Johnson

I guess I'm lucky. I'm married to a boss but he is absolutely wonderful to me. He has always treated me as an equal. Of course he isn't an a** to his employees either and that us why they respect him so much. We have a great marriage and I wouldn't ask for a better husband or father.

thump... thumphrey

The sociopath- charming and if his lips are moving he's lying. Usually the lies are to improve how he looks to people or to get money out if you.

thump... thumphrey

My current husband is a great guy and we were friends before being married. He was also my bosses boss.

Cindy Samuels

What about the dreamer? Not to be confused with The Starving Artist. This guy is chasing the next get rich quick scheme and is always conveniently out of money. (That starter kit for the latest MLM is only $999 we'll be millionaires!) Too bad he couldn't sell his way out of a wet paper bag. (Been married to this guy for almost 12 years.)

Meg Moore

young at heart-the dude who refuses to grow up..from always changing his major,to living at home ,to trying to frequent all the hot young clubs at 40.

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