Craigslist Ad Seeking Nude Waiters for the Best 4th of July Party Ever


hot dogFourth of July's coming up. Got any plans? If you're free as a bird and live in the Denver, Colorado area, do I have an idea for you. In what's possibly one of the coolest Craigslist ads ever, a Westminster man has posted a request to hire a couple waiters for his annual Independence Day party that he and his wife throw in their backyard. Sounds innocuous enough, but this is not some banal BBQ. There might be some scorched hot dogs and stale buns, but not exactly the kind you're thinking of.

This party's a swingers party. All the guests will be nude, and the staff (you, possibly?) will be asked to wear nothing but an apron and flip flops should you agree to accept the five-hour gig. Intrigued?

I'd respond quickly, if I were you ... a job that pays $25 an hour plus tips with an extremely lax dress code will probably be snatched up pretty quickly.

But if you miss this chance, don't worry, you might have another. The couple has six, count 'em, six, swingers parties a year, so who knows. They may need staff for those events, as well.

I gotta hand it to this outgoing couple -- what better way to celebrate Independence Day than being independent from your spouse? The fireworks, the Rocket popsicles, the bowls of creamy dip (I guess?), the heat ... it's pretty much the most perfect day of the year to get your swing on.

This couple are clearly the host and hostess with the moistest. Sounds like they're great at communicating their needs and wants in the relationship because, I mean, six swinger parties don't just plan themselves.

Wonder if they have a holiday party. Bet they'd have more mistletoe in that house than some place that has a shit ton of mistletoe.

Here's to a safe and happy Fourth, folks. If you show up to a party and you're asked to put your keys in a bowl, report back on how the shindig was and whether or not the waiters were cute.

Thoughts on swinging?


Photo via buzzfarmers/Flickr

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littl... littlelambe2

Had to sneak in the foul language

nonmember avatar Shelly

You know what? Most people...I would never want to see naked. Gross. There are a lot of unattractive people out there. That is way too much jiggle, dimple, free hanging, fatness...for me to handle.

jessi... jessicasmom1

haha well I don't lurk there but find it crazy

4cadi... 4cadillac

Im not n2 that kinda like style but sounds like they r gonna have fun. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!

nonmember avatar Dave from Maine

The hostess with the 'moistest'? Is that a Freudian slip? Lol

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