Cheating Spouses Get Away With It Far More Than We Know

cheaterA new survey from Undercover Lovers shows that 89 percent of those who cheat on their marriage never get caught. Sit with that for a moment. EIGHTY-NINE PERCENT. That is a staggering number, no?

Obviously, the source has its own reasons to promote cheating (it's a website for married people looking to score), but there is also probably something to this statistic. In fact, it says that more women than men get away with the cheating.

We know that cheating isn't good for people. We know they die sooner and they get more STDs. Maybe it's living with all the guilt of not getting caught? And the real question: Would you cheat if you knew you wouldn't get caught?

For me, the answer is HELL no. I am a guilty person and besides that, part of what is special between my husband and me is our openness. If I were giving it away to another man, whether he knew or not, it would ruin us.

It’s funny. Over the years, I have known far more women who cheat than men. Maybe it's because I was (until recently) still on the younger end of things and maybe men don’t start to cheat until later in life, but this still seems interesting.

It's possibly because men trust more. It seems like for many men, they assume their wife is faithful unless they hear otherwise. Meanwhile women have more suspicions and snoop more. Just my theory.

The reality is, those who don’t want to know their spouses are cheating never will know. There are many ways to keep oneself in the dark, especially when it comes to things we don’t want to know. But it's no great incentive to cheat to think of not getting caught.

After all, I don't stay faithful because I am afraid of getting caught. I do so because I love and respect my spouse and because I value what we have alone, just us. If I were cheating, it wouldn't matter if I got caught or not. It would be over.

Would not getting caught make you cheat?


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the4m... the4mutts

What a stupid question! As if anyone is going to come on this public forum, and be like "hell yes I would!"


Anna Potts

i want to say yes because im sick of my empty sex life with my man of 2 years but unfortunately i love him and could never hurt him.

Lauren Mausshardt

No I wouldn't one night stands don't work for me. Why would I want to live with the guilt. I have enough stuff to feel guilty about I don't need to add too it.

Stephanie Carr

To be completely honest, I have thought about cheating a few times. I never will though. I know the times I've thought about it were times when my husband and I were fighting or going through a difficult patch. I've had times were I find him to not be the man he was when we met and I missed the spark of something new.  I never did cheat on him though and never will because I love him and even when we are going through something tough, he always does  something to make me fall more in love with him and make me realize why I wouldn't want to throw away what I have. So to answer the original question, No even if there was no chance of getting caught, I would not cheat.

Disney17 Disney17

Just the thought of cheating makes me sick to my stomach.

Linda... Lindalou907

Open marriage is way better than cheating.

Jess__C Jess__C

More men get caught than women because women are observant. There are many tells to cheating and women pick up on them. Men hardly notice when you get a hair cut. L OL

nonmember avatar Shelly

I've been cheated on before and it's not a good feeling.

Stephanie Danielle Olivero

I agree Sasha.  I don't cheat because I don't want to hurt my husband - whether or not he knows, it still hurts him!

backn... backngroovemom

I agree with your theory: men trust more and women snoop more.

but women are definitely not as innocent as we think....R

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