12 Things a Wife Should Never Say to Her Husband

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lipsThere are some things a man should never, ever say to his wife. Well ladies, that goes both ways. Woman have certainly been known to stick a foot in their mouths too.

Here are the 12 questions, comments, and complaints no man wants to hear from the woman he loves: 

  1. "My ex always appreciated when I ..." No guy wants to be compared to some jerk you broke up with a long time ago. If he was so great, why aren't you still with him?
  2. "Does this make me look fat?" Do you really want an honest answer if that answer is yes? I didn't think so. Save both of you the anguish.
  3. "Are you using your Rogaine?" If he's losing his hair, he doesn't need your so-called helpful reminder. Trust me, that receding hairline bothers him way more than it bothers you.
  4. "Hold my purse." I have yet to meet a man who is comfortable with this demand. The only thing worse is having to hold it outside a dressing room while you try on a million pairs of jeans.
  5. "Is it in yet?" Well, if you are talking about a DVD, this one is fine. If it's during sex, just figure out the answer on your own.
  6. "Do you think that girl is hot?" By now, every guy should know this is a trap. If you think she's hot, chances are he does. Nothing good can come from him telling you that.
  7. "I don't care what team is playing. We need to talk about ..." Guys dream all day about coming home and watching the game. Let them have those two hours.
  8. "I hate your mother!" Trust me, he knows. He can feel the tension every time you two are in the room together.
  9. "I don't really need sex." Come on! You need sex, but maybe not the way you've been having it. Find a sensitive way of telling him what to do differently.
  10. "You can't fix that?!" Not every guy has an inner handyman. Don't beat him up for that, just have a plumber's number handy.
  11. "Why don't you ever buy me stuff like her husband does?" That neighbor may have nice, new bling but you have no idea what her man is like behind closed doors.
  12. "Are you gonna eat that?" You know how much you hate jibes about your weight? Well, so does he.

What are other things a woman should never say to her man?


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Todd Vrancic

Generally, women say "I don't care who's playing, we need to talk about..." when the man has put off talking about whatever for far too many games.  C'mon, guys this is the woman you have chosen to spend your life with, you should be able to skip at least one game to talk to her.

Taisie Taisie

My man actually doesn't mind holding my purse for me. He's the one who offered. He says, nothing says "I'm getting laid" like holding a womans purse lol. Unless of course, it's his mothers ;)

zandh... zandhmom2

"You're not really the daddy"  That happen to my brother after raising his daughter for 6 years.  She has since tried to take it back but too late, it's already out there.  Luckily for her, my brother has decided that she is his daughter no matter what and has chosen not to find out.

happy... happymama0609

I can honestly say I have never said any of that to my husband lol...funny list though!

the4m... the4mutts

Hm. Not a single one of those applies to my relationship.

1. We speak openly about things we liked, and hated from the past. Live and learn.

2. I DO want an honest answer.

3. He has shaved his head for 10 years.

4. He offers, and is proud that I allow him. Some women don't want a man near her purse.

5. Not an issue.

6. I'm bisexual. I think the girl is hot. He can look too.

7. He doesn't watch sports. And no tv program is more important than our relationship. Besides, we have DVR.

8. We both love his family. We both hate MY mother.

9. I do need sex. I initiate sex. If there's sex problems, we solve them.

10. He can fix everything. No shit. Anything at all.

11. I don't need stuff. He buys me stuff even when I don't want it. I've returned more things than I've kept.

12. He IS going to eat that, and he will stay skinny. The bastard.

the4m... the4mutts

If a man is so sensitive that he would be pissed/hurt by these things, then that ain't a man for me anyway. I like manly country type men, that were raised right.

CPN322 CPN322

I don't agree with #4. I would never ask my man to just carry around my purse, but there are times when I need him to for whatever reason. 

Kelly... KellyBSchrute

"Don't be a drama-queen."

Learned that one the hard way.


Sometimes we are nasty and catty to each other. This should be a good reminder to be kinder. I say things I wish I could take back all the time. I'm actually worse at it than my husband is.

Water... Water_geM

not only will he hold my purse...he will hold the diaper bag.

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