4 Things You Didn't Know About How to Turn a Woman On


logan levkoffTime for an embarrassing confession. I pulled up sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff's latest video on sex confident that I'd know all the answers to her questions about female anatomy. I'm a woman, of course I know about a lady's sex parts, right?

Um. Yeah. Just like the woman and the man CafeMom Studios' sexologist pulled in to quiz on the names of everything "down there," it turns out I have a lot to learn about how to turn a woman on. Good thing Levkoff's video series has been dubbed "Mom-Ed: In the Bedroom," because she is willing to educate us all.

Bet you won't know all of these tips on how to get a woman off ... even if you are one!

Deeper Isn't Always Better. The bulk of the nerve endings are actually in the front third of the vagina ... as in closer to the surface.

The Vagina Is on the INSIDE. Everyone and their 5-year-old refer to what you see when you look between a woman's legs as the vagina. But it's not. It's the vulva ... and if you're not both referring to the same area by the same terms in the bedroom, chances are you're not going to get the right results!

The G-Spot is real. Maybe. The scientists don't know if everyone has one or if it works to bring every woman to orgasm. Buuuuut, if it's there, you are going to find it a third of the way into the vagina on the front wall.

The Clitoris Is Where It's At. You always hear that a man can get off anywhere anytime. But there are only 4,000 nerve endings in the head of the penis. I say only because there are 8,000 in the clitoris, and they are all about pleasure.

Want more tips on getting to the "O"? Check out Logan Levkoff's tips: 

Be honest, what did you get wrong and what did you get right?


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the4m... the4mutts

I honestly hate these "every woman will get off if you do *this*" bullcrap.

For me? Deeper is better. I do not achieve clitoral orgasm, nor does it turn me on. If I want it touched, I'll ask thankyouverymuch.

The names of the parts are unimportant. I know every last one of them. Durring sex? They're all my p*ssy. I don't need to be like "could you please rub my labia major?"

Tips are so incredibly useless IMO.

Rub yourself, buy a toy, figure out what you like, and show your man.

No 2 women are the same.

xreds... xredstarsx

I knew all of these. Even my 2 year old calls it her vulva because that's what it is. I don't get the fake names. I have a friend who's mom always called it cookie. Gross. How could you talk about cookies in a normal way then?

Todd Vrancic

Umm, imho, if you actually listen to what your lady wants, she will have an incredible time.  Let her show you what she wants and PAY ATTENTION.  Then you do what she showed you works for her.

the4m... the4mutts

Exactly Todd. When I was in my "dating years" idk how many guys I refused to even bother having sex with because when talking about it they would say things like "you should let me do *insert whatever act here* because all women like it"

When I would tell them that I didn't like it, they would just insist that it was because nobody else had done it right for me before.

Sorry dude, acting like some sex expert/player isn't going to get you in my pants.

My SO is more timid of a lover than I would prefer, but he follows direction very well, so I'm happy

nonmember avatar Beth

How about lets talk about a turn off. A MAJOR turn OFF. There's a thing called to much information :shudders: Way Way TMI ^^^^

nonmember avatar RealMan

These sexologists whoudl be mechanics. Sex is an emotional response to a reaction. I never bloody read a book on how to have sex and all I do is want to GIVE pleasure to my woman. I don't ask, I try and FEEL the reaction. They love it and each woman is different. You shoudl be called sex engineers which is an act that should be based on emotions for the other person and not lust. Taken from the book "Introduction to Sex Engineering 101"

nonmember avatar RealMan

"...nerve endings in the head of the penis.." - The head of the penis is not "sexually sensitive" sorry to say. When a woman tell how a man feels when she does not have that tool, it makes me laugh. The clitoris is not the equivalent of Penis head. Men like to be squeezed...got it?

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