Woman Creates Fake Facebook Profile to Spy on Her Husband (VIDEO)


I'm generally a "women are awesome blah blah blah sisterhood" kind of a person, but every now and then I come across someone who makes me think the people who say women are crazy just might be right.

Exhibit A: This wife who wrote in to Coffee Shop Confessions to admit she made a fake Facebook profile for her husband's ex-girlfriend and has been using it to spy on him. She flirts, sends dirty messages, etc. and her husband has not yet taken the bait.

She justifies her actions by claiming to be "the jealous type." If by "jealous" you mean "psycho," then yes, yes she is.

Check out the video after the jump and see what I mean.

Listen, if you are so suspicious of your husband that you need to go to these extremes, you have problems in your relationship. Take a long, hard look at your jealousy and his behavior, and then have a Big Talk like a grown-up. Don't try to tempt him into cheating. Also? In this case, he hasn't bitten, so that would be a good time to understand that he actually is loyal to you.

And, as one of our moms pointed out, this woman that Mrs. Cray-Cray is impersonating is a real person. She might have kids who will come across the profile, or God forbid her husband sees "her" flirting with a married guy. They probably still have some mutual friends, and if any of them sees the online messages written in her name, her reputation could be tarnished. This little stunt could have serious implications for someone who has done nothing wrong except inspire jealousy in a crazy person.

Watch the episode, then tell us what you think.


So? Crazy or justified?

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kuwel... kuwelsdestiny

Ah the old Fake Facebook trick. Sadly this isnt news. Its been around since the beginning of time, er, Facebook anyway. The trick to overcome this nonsense is to keep as close tabs on your friends. Check who someone is friends with when they request you. See when they joined FB and how often and what they post. As in, someone who has 14 friends and posts 5 times a day a link to "My Online Portfolio - Check My Pix!" is probably a hacker trying to see your info.

Kritika Kritika

Yes, if your relationship has gotten to this point there are MAJOR issues.

butte... butterflyfreak

If you're so insecure in your relationship that you have to do something like this, you need to decide if you want to fix it (TALK IT OUT) or throw it away (WALK AWAY.) If there's no trust, there's no real relationship anyway. Just a couple people living at the same address.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

How different would this article read if the husband took the bait? Would it be psycho, or good instincts? I don't justify what this woman did. But there's a big difference in a jealous psycho and someone who has good reason to believe the spouse is up to no good.

nonmember avatar Karma


Kaixa913 Kaixa913

I think it is pretty scary for both parties if it ends up like this. Neither me nor my hubby would want that to happen to either of us. I've had a share of run-ins in the past with people using fake profiles and none of them were nice in real life, they seem to be troubled but unwilling to seek help. I'm still quite new to the social networking scene and I've decided to share a bit if you don't mind this article I read just awhile ago http://darktips.com/11-tips-to-identify-fake-profiles-on-facebook It's quite rampant these days to be honest and as a user on facebook it is disturbing to have these kind of people in it.

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