Cheating on Your Wife Can Literally Kill You

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hotel bedGuys take note: CHEAT AND YOU WILL DIE! And get this, your wife doesn't even have to lift a finger or hire a hitman.

If you sleep around, you are more likely to drop dead from a heart attack and it's a fact. I know it sounds cliche, but researchers in Italy say that having an extramarital affair increases the risk of have a deadly heart attack.

It's like the ultimate karma don't you think? Break her heart and yours basically stops beating.

If this doesn't convince a hound dog to keep it in his pants, I don't know what will. And this isn't just talk. It really happens. To real men. Need more proof? A 31-year-old man from Georgia keeled over after having a threesome -- with two women other than his wife.

Now let me be clear, sex itself isn't the killer. Doctors even say that men live longer if they consistently knock boots. But sex with someone other than your spouse, well, that's just playing Russian Roulette.

It's easy to see why. Men typically pick much younger mistresses. Nice to look at, hard (no pun intended) to keep up with. That may mean nights out dancing, drinking more, smoking -- things what wear an old body down. Basically, you can't go from coach potato hubby to chick-plowing party machine without consequences.

On top of that, it's stressful to sneak around, worrying about who might see you slip into that hotel. And what if wifey finds out? It's not just a verbal beating you risk. Divorce means divvying up every single thing you cherish, from that cherry red middle-life crisis Corvette to the kids.

So guys have to ask themselves, is it really worth it? While the thought of having your head nestled between some bimbo's boobs may sound fun, it's really not the place you want to take your last breath.

Do you think risk of a heart attack will help men stay faithful?


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nonmember avatar noway

Nope. A man (or woman) knows the risk they are taking when they cheat. Throwing a heart attack in the mix will not make a bit of difference.

Shotg... ShotgunShellz

If he cheats, he gets what's coming to him,

prplecat prplecat

You write this as if women NEVER cheat.  How ridiculously PC of you!

Wesley Miller

I'm with prplecat on this one. Women these days cheat just as much as guys. Some of them are just better at it than men. I heard a show recently that talked about how a lot of single women actualy TARGET married guys over single ones. Here's a link:

It lists a lot of reasons why single girls go after married guys. It made me wanna go out and get me a fake wedding ring quick! lol

nonmember avatar Karma

Oh! So women don' t cheat? Where is the courage to acknowledge that some people cheat (men and women). I get that story is about a man, but your question to the audience is double standard/hyprocrisy!

Snark... Snarkymom

prplecat, wesley and karma-the writer is talking about the linked article which is clearly only about "men who cheat on their wives". what's wrong with focusing on the linked article?  ericka does a much better job than other Stir writers who obviously don't even READ the articles they blog about (i.e. Maressa)

nonmember avatar jim

I couldn't think of a better place to take my last breath than having my head snuggled between some bimbo's boobs.

nonmember avatar Emme

This shouldn't be a reason not to cheat. People shouldn't cheat because they don't want to, not because they might die from it.

nonmember avatar RexN

Analytical thinking isn't your strong point is it Erika? You post one example of something and claim that's proof of your point? All over the world, all day, every day, some people die shortly after drinking a glass of water. Do you see that as proof that drinking a glass of water kills?

nonmember avatar Keith

If the payoff is going to be $3 Million - my wife will probably make the arrangements for my extra marital threesome herself.

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