The One Thing Hot Dads Really Want You to Do

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Moms, I have a bone to pick with you. There's a pretty big double standard in relationships and it's about time somebody said something.

I'm referring to MILFs. You know, Mothers I'd Like to Friend. And by "friend," I mean "bang." And by "bang," I mean "have sex with."

Y'see, recently, I was going out to a nice romantic dinner with my wife. The babysitters were on their way, and I had just finished getting dressed. I even wore a shirt with buttons on it! My wife came out of the closet in this tight black dress. You know, the kind of outfit that makes us guys forget there are 26 letters in the alphabet, as we can barely string two of them together.

She looked great. She looked amazing. She looked hot. She looked like ... a MILF. And I told her so. Except she looked a little confused. Then I explained what a MILF was. She smiled and told me I looked nice too.

Nice. That's like telling a guy you've been dating that you just want to be "friends." And that's when it hit me. We dads are getting shafted! Where are our drooling fans? Where's our locker room label? Where's our MILF?

That's right. You heard me. I'm asking you women out there to start calling us FILFs! Although that doesn't really have a good ring to it, does it? How about instead of "Fathers," we go with "Dads." Okay. Right here. Right now. I'm challenging women everywhere to start a new movement. A movement dedicated to DILFs!

Let all those dreamy dads know that they're being checked out at the supermarket like a prime cut of beef. I think I can speak for the entire male population when I say that any of us would be honored to be called a DILF. Finally, a four-letter word we can be proud of.

What do you and your girlfriends call really hot guys?

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Susie19 Susie19

LOL, I've actually heard "DILF" before!!

Waag Waag

I would never call my husband that because if he said I was a milf id be pissed when I'm trying to look sexy I don't want to be I'm sexy for being a mom thats a insult in a compliment I want to be told I look sexy for being a woman that I look as good as I did before becoming a mom

nonmember avatar A

Guys can father 300 kids and still look the same.

A woman can have 1 kid and never look the same.

MILF is a term, because there are more frumpy moms than hot ones.

So, you got someone pregnant. Big deal.

Flori... Floridamom96

Husbands need to know that their wives still find them hot and sexy. That's his point. What's wrong with telling your husband you still find him imminently doable?

nonmember avatar mdw

i agree! I wish there was some catchy nickname like MILF but for dads. DILF just sounds weird to me. Maybe bcus it sounds so close to dildo? Idk.....but i also agree that being called a milf is like a double compliment. Its saying 1.youre hot 2. youre a mom & i know pregnancy makes ur body go haywire...but youre still hot. Maybe thats just how i take it?

the4m... the4mutts

I wait till he's walking in front of me, smack his ass, and tell him to move his hawt ass before I bite it.

I think that is quite complementary.

Amber Rose Gallagher

I dont know if I've ever seen a "DILF" in a grocery store or anywhere else. If I have, I wouldn't know. I don't see it that often that a dad actually has the kids with him, and how else would you know he was a Dad. They don't sport it like we do is all I'm saying.

nonmember avatar Amy

Yes pp! The worst compliment you will ever hear is "wow, you look great for having kids". I prefer "wow, you look great."

Anyway, I don't think women have the "locker room talk" that men wish we had. They wish we would talk like that and we wish they were more helpful and thoughtful. That being said, my husband is a fine piece of ass. :o)

douxm... douxmusique

We talk about hot guys by saying "that guys hot." Pretty much. And most fawn all over their men because men need constant, unending praise and attention or they pout and sulk like 5 year olds.

Flori... Floridamom96

I fawn all over my guy because he really is that hot. If you don't find your man that hot then it seems to me there's something wrong there.

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