15 Guy Turn-Offs You Should Avoid Like the Plague

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We ladies like to do a lot to turn our guys on (and our guys should, frankly, be doing the same). We wax. We shape. We work out. We dress nicely. All great, sexy turn-ons for a guy.

If we know what turns guys on, what about what's turning them off? Here's a little insight.

1) You're desperate to be in a relationship -- so desperate that you'll settle for less than you deserve.

2) Even the trash guy knows you want to get married and have babies -- doesn't matter with whom.

3) You make it clear to everyone you meet that you need to be cared for.

4) You've proposed to every guy you've ever dated -- because he could be The One!

5) You can't stop talking trash about other people -- friends, coworkers, family members, the mailman. All you ever do is complain.

6) You have a chip on your shoulder a mile wide; you've made it known to everyone that the world owes you something.

7) You're so overbearing that you don't allow your guy to hang with his friends, family, or crew.

8) You can't stop nagging the guy -- can he EVER do anything right?

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9) You complain about your weight every. single. day.

10) You're jealous of everyone in your guy's life who isn't you, and you're not afraid to say so.

11) Being too "easy." Guys shouldn't have to play detective to figure you out, but knowing that a chick is way easy? Not hot.

12) Playing dumb. No great guy is going to dig on a girl who acts like a moron. Have some self-respect, ladies!

13) You won't stop blabbing about your ex. No guy needs the endless tales of why your ex was a douche -- you're not with him anymore and if you're still talking on him? You're probably not over him.

14) Being rude to other people -- there's a fine line between being assertive and being mean.

15) Smothering the guy. No guy wants to feel like he's dating his mother. Give him some space, take some space for yourself, that's healthy in a relationship!

What are some other things that turn dudes off?


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the4m... the4mutts

I feel like I must disagree with some of these. Every man is different, and not all of them will be "turned off" by the same things.

2, 3, 11, and 15 are ones my SO not only would disagree with, but he requires clingyness and being "easy" if there's a connection.

Something that turns him off? Really odd one here. Boring hair. He doesn't like the standard long,straight,single color hair

tonip... toniperoni

ha too easy. I met my husband on a work conference in another country - if I hadn't of put out I wouldn't be married to him. Different things turn off different people, sex is rarely one of them

t0vanal t0vanal

I would say anytime you lose your sense of self you have lost the ability to hold a guy's interest.  If you are confident about any of the items listed above it won't set you back with most guys but if you lack self confidence and that is where your speech/actions are coming from then guys can see through that and won't respect you.  In my opinion relationships are built on respect so if you don't have that move on!

the4m... the4mutts

T0vanal- completely agree! Well said

Jenni... JenniferZiemba

I always see the Man's turn off lists.  It's about time men learn about what turns a woman on.

So here's my man Must List

1. Must have a job/ career and have strong work ethics.
2. Must not be cocky.  Confident but not a "know it all"
3. Must have a gentle side.  Not a man that will cry at a movie but a man whose not afraid to shed a tear when granny dies.
4. Must have a sense of responsibility.  Be able to balance his check book; pays his bills on-time. 
5. Must love animals.
6. Must have his own life.  Have his own friends and hobbies but not be consumed by them.
7. Must have a backbone. Not a hot head and not a push over.
8. Must not dwell in the past.  Don't want to hear him droning over his exes or wallowing in his miserable upbringing.
9. Must be social enough to mingle with your friends and attend social gatherings.
10. Must not have warrants (for arrest), DUI's on record etc.
11. Must be a good kisser.
12. Must have some sense of romance.
13. Must not have addictions (drugs,alcohol, sex).
14. Must have a good sence of humor.
15. Must have at least 6 inches (oh yeah I went there).

blowing kisses

Sean Moore

Jennifer Z...I guess they could make it 16 items for this list ...you would be # 16 ...some slub puts together a terrible list about no real women's faults and you feel you must lash-out at men...sounds like you really know how too find a well rounded loser from the sounds of your list...congrats

Asilee M. McLain

Jennifer Z, that list is compiled of things that turn YOU on...

Angie Hayes

JenniferZ- I think your list is pretty damn good!

CPN322 CPN322

Your list sounds about right. A guy doing any of those things would turn me off.

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