Extramarital Affair May Have Driven Woman to Kill Her 2 Children

baby cribThere is never any excuse for a mother killing her children, but as far back as Medea, women have taken the lives of their children in revenge for their husband betraying them with another woman. That may have been what was behind the tragedy that unfolded in Tacony, Pennsylvania yesterday. A man, Ron Smalls, frantically called police to report that his youngest children, 1-and-a-half-year-old twins named Adam and Eve, were dead, apparently by suffocation. He also reported that his wife, Stacey Smalls, had tried to poison their 4-year-old. But she is okay.

The wife had also made numerous attempts to kill herself, and had left behind a suicide note implicating her husband in having an affair with a family member.

In recent weeks, Stacey had also changed her status from "married" to "divorced" on Facebook (even though the couple were not divorced). She had also changed her profile photo to a picture of a car that was scrawled with the words: "I hope she was worth it."

When a friend asked about the photo, Stacey replied that the friend "should see" what she had written on her husband's wall, but the husband had apparently deleted it.

There's no proof that the husband was cheating, but at its most gruesome and tragic, the trauma of infidelity can lead to infanticide. I recently watched an episode of a television show, where a woman killed four children to get back at the two fathers who had left her to raise them alone. She spared her nephew, who was visiting that night, since she had no beef with her brother.

Do not get me wrong, there is never, EVER any excuse for killing your children. Your children were brought into this world by YOU. They didn't ask to be brought into this world. If you bring children into this world, they deserve your love, care, and protection.

But too often people feel distraught by the betrayal of a spouse, and the looming threat of custody battles or the economic and general life hardship of being a single parent. People who cheat may not think about their spouse -- but they need to think about their children. There can be unintended and very tragic consequences to cheating.

Could cheating drive someone over the edge?


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MomoLS MomoLS

I want to amend that first sentence to say "There is never any excuse for killing children."

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Your spouse cheating on you should drive you to leave. If you go over the edge it should aim towards him not your kids.

nonmember avatar HappyDad

Your thinly veiled passing of responsibility is troubling. This mother killed her kids. End of case. You cannot blame a spouse accused of cheating for her heinous actions. If you think that his actions led her to kill then you also have to excuse men who beat their wives because 'she drove him' to beat her by her actions and what she said.

Birdi... Birdie100

This story saddens me.

happy... happymama2D

I love my husband, but I love my children more.  I could live without my husband, but I don't think I could live without my kids.  So, no, my husband cheating on me would not drive me over the edge and make me kill my kids.  Nothing would.  Seriously?

the4m... the4mutts

I'm not surprised that some writer on thestir seems to kind of pish-posh this away. These are the same writers hired to tel us to cator to our husbands sexual needs even if we aren't "in the mood" and telling us that we should love our husbands more than our kids, and put our husbands selfishness over our own social lives.

The woman killed her babies and tried to kill her toddler!!

She's an insane fuck that should be locked away, not sympathised wth.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Omg ok first NO cheating couldn't drive me THAT FAR over the edge. And I have been known to do some crazy things to get back t someone. If I caught him cheating and flipped out HE might be te only one to die that day! I don't see how anyone rationalizes to kill the kids and second what irritates me is that all these whackos who kill their children then "try" to kill themselves usually fail at the latter and I'm left thinking "you stupid bitch you managed to succeed in killing ur poor babies but somehow screwed up in killing YOURSELF?!" how convenient . Hey I've been cheated on more than once and I know that downright rage one can feel and I WOULD have alot of sympathy actually for a woman who goes a little nuts and maaaaaybe does something to her ex.... But if she goes after the kids all sympathy GONE! There is NO excuse or temp insanity plea in my opinion for killing your kids EVER! That includes ALL cases of these Nutballs written about on here

nonmember avatar Brooke

Um NO!!! I would simply just LEAVE!! And while that must be a devestating situation, there are certainly worse things that could happen in life.

purpl... purple_creeper

Mayhe there was some mental issues that were never addressed...or at least i would like to think that no mom in her right mind would use this excuse to kill her babies...im assuming she did not die right??? That ho...she should be burned alive!

nonmember avatar female mike

There must have been some type of mental illness or/and anger issues involved in those cases.

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