Mary Kennedy's Suicide Came After Flood of Tweets by Ex's New Girlfriend Cheryl Hines

It was tragic that last week Mary Kennedy seemingly fell victim to the Kennedy curse and killed herself, leaving behind four children. But some of the sordid details now being revealed about the weeks leading up to her suicide are casting an even more tragic pall over her death. Mary's estranged husband, Robert Kennedy, Jr., had filed for divorce and begun dating actress Cheryl Hines. Hines is best known for her starring role in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. And, like a lot of new girlfriends, Hines had been making the events, parties, and general life rounds with her boyfriend, Mary's estranged husband. In fact, she seemed to sort of be taking over Mary's role in Robert's life entirely. (Mary also seemed to already know Cheryl and was photographed with her in 2010.)

Mary had issues with alcohol, debt, and depression, but watching the new life that Robert was carving out with his Hollywood girlfriend couldn't have helped her state of mind.

Reportedly in the weeks leading up to Mary's suicide, Cheryl Hines was not only attending events, galas, and parties with Robert, but she was actively tweeting about them.

Wrote Cheryl after attending a birthday party for actress Glenn Close, who was a good friend of Mary's:

I got to tell #GlenClose what an inspiration she has always been to me

Additionally, Kerry Kennedy, who is Robert's sister and who introduced Mary to him, had recently tweeted a picture of Robert and Cheryl Hines, arm and arm, with Glenn Close at her birthday party. Glenn was so close to Mary that she sang at her funeral. It couldn't have been too fun for Mary to see her good pal hanging with her estranged husband and his new girlfriend.

Cheryl was also spending time with Mary's children, as well as going to local haunts normally frequented by Mary and her husband. Cheryl then shared that with her followers on Twitter. She wrote about Aiden, Mary and Robert's son:

Rabid, unhinged New England zealotry by 10-yr.-old Aidan Kennedy has nearly turned me into Pats fan

I have zero idea if Mary was aware of Cheryl's activities on Twitter. But Twitter is public (unless you change your settings and most people don't). And most of us have cyberstalked an ex and an ex's new girlfriend on occasion. Plus, Mary's friends have said that Robert's relationship with Cheryl was "humiliating" for her.

Cheryl Hines deleted her account on May 16, the day Mary killed herself, so either she now realizes what she did was insensitive, or she doesn't want to appear insensitive. I'm not saying that Cheryl Hines had a clue about just how fragile Mary was. For all we know, Robert was telling Cheryl that everything was great between him and Mary.

But let this be a lesson to us all: When there are children involved, as well as a spouse who is not yet officially an ex-spouse, no need to flaunt the new relationship all over Twitter.

Do you think tweets like this can drive someone over the edge?


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nonmember avatar H

I have to say, this is the type of reporting that infuriates me. Mary Kennedy killed herself for reasons only she knows. She and her husband were separated for years. She had documented personal issues, including depression and excessive drinking. I will not accept the media implying or placing blame on her husband's girlfriend because of a few tweets and some pictures with mutual friends. Shame on the ny post and shame on the author for regurgitating this garbage.

nonmember avatar hhhh

Uh isn't Kerry Kennedy his sister????? Not his brother.

jalaz77 jalaz77

She was not part of the curse, she chose to kill herself. He wasn't divorced yet so yes it probably was in poor taste for Cheryl to be tweeting anything related to her newest boy toy even though that top tweet didn't relate to her dating RK. Mary sounds like she had some serious issues and lacked coping skills which led to her giving up. Still sad for her children.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

It's irritating to me that the woman is dating a quasi-celebrity who runs in celebrity circles and she misspelled BOTH names of people important to her boyfriend in her Tweets.  I could probably get past "Glen", but Aiden is his son...who the heck is "Aidan"?  Grrr.

Stacey. Stacey.

Why do people always blame the "other woman". Cheryl had every right to tweet about her life. It's Robert who should feel ashamed, and even so it's not like he was cheating, they were no longer together. Suicide is tragic, but no one is to blame for Mary's suicide except Mary herself. It's sad her children will grow up without their mother.

nonmember avatar dg

Depression is a mental illness. It is no one's fault over the suicide. Mary was in pain. Her poor children and familiy are the one's who suffer. God bless her family.

nonmember avatar Maryjane

Bubbsjln, it is author who is in error with regard to the correct spelling of RFK Jr's son's name and not Cheryl Hines. It is in fact Aidan (ant not Aiden as so many news articles have erroneously reported).

As to the rest of this sad story -- how absurd to not recognize that only a deeply troubled person would respond to the end of a marriage by killing herself.

jspla... jsplash23

I thought they were separated for years and hadn't legally divorced, before the recent filing, because they were Catholic. Wow at this blatant finger pointing at Cheryl Hines.

nonmember avatar SHANNAH SCHILIT

Why Would Cheryl delete Her Twitter--on just that Cord of Tragedy--what she doesn't want all her Tweets Out--she doesn't want it to Be Public--just How Much she was Attempting to Usurp MARY....What Kind of Frenemy is 'Glen' that would bee NO Friend of Mine--how do you Claim to bee Friends with MARY and then get Down and Party--with the Plastic-Person--who is Attempting to Steal Marys Social-Status--and take Her "Role"--it is Not Mary that is "Humiliated" here--RFK is The One that fell from Green-Goddess into the PCB Quagmire--holy DownGrade--

Rachel X

nonmember avatar SHANNAH SCHILIT

Supposedly MARY had issues with "debt"--eye find that Difficult to Fathom--considering MARY had a Simple Elegant but NOT Extravagant Style--she was the Antithesis of Superficial Cheryl--she was the Antithesis of the Brand-Slut--....Mary does NOT strike me as beeing some kind of Binge-Spender--....Mary was The Opposite of that kind of Empty Woman filling 'Voids' with Purchases--MARY was a Giver throughout Her Life--even in The Midst of the Struggle through Her Tears--MARY Sacrificed her Prestigious Career as is the Traditional Practice amongst HappyHouswife DarlaShine society--with the UNDERSTANDING that Her Husband was stepping up 2 B Her Provider--and it is NOT like Mary needed Gucci and Diamonds at every Gala--that Stars tend to need 4 their Ego-Fix which can Run Up to the Exponential Zeros--MARY had a Modest LifeStyle--relative to the 'Cheryls'...but How does Any Wife keep Her Sense of Security--while Her Husband is out Indefinitely parading WestCoast with Plastic--clearly He wasn't fulfilling His Role--even though MARY Sacrificed WAY More--than The Average American Woman would--and She Deserves a MEDAL just 4 Her 'Tolerance' even THROUGH the affair as Mary waited 4 it to hopefully subside--all the Way 2 Her Last Breath--MARY Held Tight 2 Her Vows--she Never initiated the Divorce Process--so WHOSE idea was it--that leaves Two possibilities Either Robert or Cheryl made the Suggestion--to Paper-File and Sign Mary OUT of Cheryls Way--

Rachel X

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