Sex Confession: I Want My Husband's Threesome Fantasy to Come True

woman in bed“Sex Confessions” is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, and all will turn you on. You might want to sit down for this.

Today's sex confession comes from a 35-year-old mom from Chicago who has been married to her sweetheart James* for 10 years. He's always wanted to have a threesome and she never thought it was something she was into ... until now. Here's what she has to say:

James has talked about having a threesome since we were dating and I told him I had a couple of sexual experiences with a girl. Of course that turned him on. He wanted to know every detail so I would tell him -- mostly after a glass or two of wine. I'd tell him how I loved the feeling of another woman's soft skin on mine. Her long hair trailing down my belly onto my legs. The sweet scent of her femininity. It all turned him on -- and me, too. He and I would make love with that thought in our heads. But I never wanted to share him with anyone, so a threesome was out of the question. 

Still, that didn't stop us from fantasizing. And now, 10 years since our wedding, and 13 since we first started fantasizing about a threesome, I think I am finally ready. Of course I realize it will be very different than the one-on-one female experiences I have had. But the thought of that with my husband -- the man I love so deeply and trust immensely -- is such a turn-on. I want to see him with another woman, but just touching her with his hands, his mouth, not with his penis. That would be too much for me.

I'm thinking of asking one of my old college friends who I don't see very often but may be interested in a little weekend excursion with James and me. I'm nervous, but excited about it. I think we're ready to take this step and sexual adventure. Though I may have to have a glass of wine to calm my nerves when that day comes.

*Name changed.

What advice would you give to this confessor? Would you (have you) ever had a threesome with your partner?

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LadyB... LadyBugMom09

I wouldn't do it. I think it's asking for trouble. Just my opinion.

the4m... the4mutts

I've done it, but with 2 men instead. It was over-rated. Nobody got hurt, even later down the road, and we were "cool" with it.

3somes are just a lot of work and really don't seem worth the effort in my opinion.

nonmember avatar Emme

I agree with LadyBugMom09 - it's asking for trouble. I think that threesomes can destroy relationships. I also agree with Samantha from Sex and the City - it's best to be the guest.

e_vet e_vet

I don't understand the desire of a woman wanting to have a threesome with her husband..its sick! Then the same woman goes and gets all physco when their husband cheats um hello you opened up your marriage to that possibility...a threesome is just seeing your spouse cheat infront of you and you playing along. It's disgusting, stupid, and plain humiliating.

jessi... jessicasmom1

nope opening a can of worms in my opinion ... 

the4m... the4mutts

E_vet- that's your opinion for your marriage/relationship, but not everyone feels the same. My SO wouldn't consider it cheating for me to have a girlfriend, because I am bisexual. I don't date 2 people at once. But I don't view agreed upon casual sex to be cheating. I feel that emotional involvement is more cheating.

Everyone is a little different.

If it wouldn't work for you, then don't do it. But it doesn't make anyone else disgusting.

Todd Vrancic

You had better make really sure that this is a fantasy you both want to bring into real life otherwise you will regret it.

ellex... ellexxmarie

it sounds like you and your husband have thought this through, and it's not just a "spur of the moment" thing. fantasies that span decades, like in your case, are certainly worth exploring, and if you both communicate your expectations honestly and respectfully, this could bring you closer and give you an amazing experience in the bedroom. there is so much stigma of sexual exploration for couples involving other people.  it doesn't always end in trouble, so don't let other people lead you to believe that. 

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Absolutely go for it. If your marriage is strong and trusting, there should be no reason not to try out your fantasies. My husband & I had a threesome in August - our sex life is better because of it & our friend who participated with us is very close with us & it's a lot of continuous fun.

zandh... zandhmom2

Not for me.  I take my marriage vows very seriously.  I only know one couple personally who invited another man into their bed and then later they invited me ruined the friendship that I had with her for over 6 years.  Totally shame.

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