Scott Disick Sex Tapes May Have Finally Pushed Kourtney Kardashian to the Limit

Kourtney KardashianHere's a little something to make you say ewww -- Scott Disick supposedly has somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 sex tapes floating around, and they're not with the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian. According to Life & Style, they're of Scott and "a stunning brunette," and when Kourt found them she was furious and kicked his ass out of their Los Angeles home.

Now they aren't recent tapes, thank goodness, but ones from back in his single days. His "friend" Donald told the magazine Scott was "obsessed with sex" and that they'd bring back different groups of girls each night and "do various things to them." Some nights they taped it. As if we didn't already think he was repulsive enough.

Sure plenty of people have younger, wilder days, but the tapes could just be the tipping point to make Kourt realize what she's probably suspected all along -- he hasn't changed, and he isn't going to change. There are plenty of other recent incidents too that may just finally make her realize she's better off without him.

In a majorly douchey move, reports say he's been getting way too flirty with his sister-in-law, Kim Kardashian. Does he have no shame? Apparently not as reports say that at the opening of his restaurant, he publicly humiliated Kourtney by flirting with her younger sister. 

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Then there was his behavior during Kourtney's big baby shower last weekend. Instead of going to the shower to which he was invited, he instead hosted a party in Las Vegas. That's almost excusable as a guy's got to earn a living, but his behavior while he was there was completely INexcusable. A source told Perez Hilton, "Scott leered at scantily clad club goers and drank until 2:30 a.m." Other reports say he was vomiting in a trashcan after drinking too much. So much for that wagon on which he's supposed to be.

I hate to see a family split up, but how Kourtney can stay with Scott after incident after incident of rude, reckless, and downright repulsive behavior is beyond me. I understand wanting to stay together for the kids, but there's also a point at which enough is enough, and the tapes may finally have pushed her to that point.

Of course, all of the above is rumor, and Kris Jenner told E! News "None of it is true." But the fact is that Scott has proven to be nothing being reprehensible since we first met, so it wouldn't be surprising at all if any or all of these accusations are true. And when there are this many, you know there's some truth there somewhere ... OR Kardashian wheels spinning to hype him up as a villain so conveniently close to the season premier of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday. Hmmmmm ...

Do you think Kourtney should leave Scott? Do you think the rumors are true about the sex tape and his bad behavior?


Image via Life & Style 

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Sweet... SweetPieMama24

Scott was really turning around and being a loyal devoted man to Kourtney. I really don't believe it (until I see it officially). And when Kourt had her baby shower Scott was apparently on the east coast for his restaurant or something like that

Jmsosa Jmsosa

His gig was in Atlantic City, not Las Vegas.

Torra... TorranceMom

Way to pick 'em Kourtney! You've got two kids out of wedlock with this bum. Good job!

Richelle Allison Cruz

I just hope for the best for them all shes a great stong woman she will know what to do

jwoolman jwoolman

Oh, it's probably just more Kardashian Konflikt pumped up for ratings. Considering that sister Kim got her start with a sex tape and Kourtney didn't even know whether she was preggers from Scott or some one night stand - doesn't seem like something that would make Kourtney even blink. They're just trying to distract from whatever might be going on in the courtroom, since Kris H is not quietly going away and really wants the truth to come out in his push for an annulment based on fraud. Honestly, they should just admit they're a bunch of frauds and the show is just poorly acted "re-enactments" of things they or their writers imagine have happened and get it over with. Nobody believes then anymore anyway.

Texas... TexasGirl512

Considering the Kardashians got famous because of a sex tape, I find this so ironic.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I don't think any bit of this is true. Scott has turned himself around completely. I hate that people are still trying to drag him down after all the improvement he has made!

MomLi... MomLily67

And thisis why you should never film yourself having sex, or have your life displayed on TV.

runninro runninro

Why is it that the people you DON'T want to see nude or having sex are always the ones with the sex tapes?

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