‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack Should Keep His Nasty Feelings About Emily to Himself (VIDEO)

brad womackWe've talked about the new Bachelorette Emily Maynard a lot, but is anyone a little curious what happened to her ex, Bachelor Brad Womack? Just a lil bit? Thought so. The dude's in Houston, Texas opening up a new bar and he talked with this local news station about his latest business venture and how he feels, currently, about Emily.

Things start out great. He's all like, I'm happy, I hope she's happy, etc. etc., and then, things take a turn.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they talk about their ex. If they've truly moved on and have let go of any resentment or bitterness, they shouldn't have anything too negative to say about their experience dating their former significant other.

It's a red flag if they say anything derogatory or downright mean, because, well, it shows that they either a) don't know how to be happy in a relationship and leave with grace, or b) that they don't know how to let things go. Neither scenario bodes well if you want to start something up with a guy who tears down someone he supposedly loved.

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Like I said, Brad's interview started out so well. He admitted he wasn't going to watch the season of The Bachelorette because he "has no interest," and I thought that was cute, and more than understandable. Then, just a few moments later, he expands on his relationship with Emily and says that he feels like he "dodged a bullet."

Not cool, Bradley-o. Not cool.

It implies that marrying her would've been deadly. It implies that he narrowly avoided a very serious problem. And worst of all, it implies that he's a victim and accepts no blame for what went down between them.

Brad says he's ready to date again, but after that comment, seems to me like he still needs time to simmer down after his broken engagement with Emily. Wouldn't want him to rush into anything and have to dodge any more bullets. The horror.

Watch his interview and tell me what you think: Do you think it's a warning sign that he said he "dodged a bullet" with Emily?

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Dee Hi

when he said he thinks he dodged a bullet, it was a normal tone of voice and I don't think he was being sarcastic at all. Life goes on ad I think he knows this,hes not sitting around and soaking in his sorrow , he has opened up several buisnesses and this Im sure keeps him very busy!

Laurel Garces

WHY should he keep his comments to himself? The rest of the country has talked openly about what they think of Emily in all her holiness and glory. I'd say Brad has MORE right than anyone to talk about her. And after watching the video you found so horrific, I found him to be very kind, especially considering she broke his heart, then sold out, becoming quite the hypocrite! Have you forgotten that she couldn't handle the relationship after watching him kiss other women on the show? Now she's doing exactly the same thing. I didn't see any fewer kissing scenes between her and the bachelors in the previews than Brad had in his season..... I don't think you know Brad better than he knows Emily...maybe YOU should keep YOUR nasty comments about him to yourself!

Jean Tuccillo Galloway

i dont think there was anything so nasty about anything he said .. he really coulda been MUCH harsher if he wished ... he's moved on and he's happy and he put it behind him ... him saying he "dodged a bullet" just means it wasnt mean to be .. some people just stay in a relationship and they live miserable year after year after year ... its better to end it quick and move on if you see that you are just not happy and it wont work out .. hard to find that perfect "click and chemistry" i wish them both lots of luck . honestly i didnt think they were a good match ! he needed someone with a tougher skin than Emily . she is too sweet :)

Jessica Baum Rushing

i don't think he said anything wrong! Maybe he DID dodge a bullet, i think she's prissy and hard to please, but i'm looking forward to see how her season goes. I think Brad is a great guy and needs a really special, very flexible, chill girl to date with how his life is. Hope all the best for them both!

Farrell Schambow

the author of this article is an idiot.   There is nothing wrong with a person if they have negative feelings towards an ex.  People don't truley know what happened in that relationship so stop judging others.

Lindsay Schmeltz

nope, we've all 'dodged a bullet,' right? i'm sure everyone has ended a relationship and realized how perfect hindsight can be. i don't think it was meant to be a dig at emily. i think he was implying that they weren't actually compatible on any level.

Laurel Garces

So glad to see all these comments that are not anti-Brad.  The guy wasn't in love after being The Bachelor the first time, and because he didn't fake it, the whole world talked about him like he was scum!  This time he just chose the wrong woman, and now he should be the bad guy again, even though SHE started the rift that eventually led to their breakup?  I don't think so!  Thanks for speaking up, fellow outside the box thinkers!

nonmember avatar Ines

I agree with most of the comments here. Brad wasn't being harsh or anything. Both he and Emily dodged the bullet because they were not compatible to begin with so what's with the big deal? He was being honest. Further more Emily took the the time to Tweet this response: “im [sic] sure they accidentally cut off the part where he said it was a diamond encrusted bullet of course! :)."

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