Here's Proof Guys Think No Girl Is Out Of Their League

homeless manI just don't get why guys have so much crazy confidence. This hit me the other day when a homeless guy asked me for money. Let me just say, the panhandling is not the shocking part. This poor soul had dirty, tattered clothes, holes in his shoes, and missing teeth - my heart went out to him. As I reached in my purse for a dollar, he shared his hard-luck story about losing his job and being out on the streets.

But then, something totally unexpected happened. HE ASKED ME OUT! I was literally stunned silent. My first thoughts: "Where would we go? Who would pay?  Wait, do I look like I would say yes?"

Then it dawned on me, there is a bigger issue going on here. Dudes really don't buy into the concept that a woman can be out of their league. That is the only possible reason why a guy - who was definitely kind, sincere and seemingly lucid - would ask out a woman who just gave him her spare change. 

Unlike women, men never seem to question if they are good enough, smart enough, cute enough, thin enough. Why is that? Where does this innate cockiness come from when girls start out so much better at everything.

We learn to walk and talk sooner. We are more emotionally mature and infinitely more perceptive. Still, that unwavering confidence eludes just about over woman I know when it comes to dating. My gorgeous, single girlfriends spend days debating whether a guy really, truly likes them or how to craft the perfect reply to a flirty text. It's as though we naturally second guess ourselves when it comes to the opposite sex.

Not so with guys. And when I politely told this nice homeless fella I was married, he didn't even flinch. "Just my luck. Let me know if that ever changes," he said with a gummy smile. I wish more women - myself included - could be so self-assured.

What do you think? Are guys more naturally confident than woman?

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nonmember avatar Huh

"Infinately more perceptive." That might be a factor.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Geez, flatter yourself much? He may have been mentally ill or had some type of disorder (or substance use) that cause dhis inhibitions to be lessened, that is all. Where does YOUR crazy confidence come from?

nonmember avatar Lord K

Oh, you're quite wrong. Guys do second guess themselves just as much as women. We're just not allowed to show any weakness, lest our woman abandons us for being genetically inferior for a man who hides his weaknesses thus she'll think he's genetically superior.

chigi... chigirl1228

Maybe he thought what does he got to lose? He's already homeless and begging for spare change.

nonmember avatar HappyDad

Seriously?!? Women are more emotionally mature, yet you will spend days trying to figure out how to respond to a flirty text?!? Just respond, if you like it, send one in kind. If not, nip it in the bud, simple as that. Not very mature if it takes days to craft a response.

Carol99 Carol99

Because we're a fed a steady diet of "not good enough".  We don't measure up to the models and TV stars and magazines and porn stars.  Very few of us do.  And the guys judging us?  Ugly, fat, bald idiots.

small... smallfryes

Wow!  Studies concluded, after feeding one rat one dose of cornflakes, the rat died.  Obviously, we now have proof that cornflakes kill.

Yep, that's what you just did.  One incident.  One!  And you have your proof that all men shoot for women out of their league.

Actually, no Ms. Souter, the world is full of men, in fact the majority of them, who do not.

Seriously, do they pay you people for this BS?!?!  You based this on one incident of a man who might or might not have been emotionally or mentally unstable?  Really?  This is your proof?

Grow up and stop spreading lies.

nonmember avatar mandy

Most men that ask ANY woman out have nothing to lose...there are men that know when a woman is out of there league...and he will wait until he thinks he has a chance rather than know he will be rejected...
The men that ask ANY WOMEN and ALL WOMEN are usually the ones that have nothing to lose and cant get a steady woman anyway...

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