Bad Sex? Blame Your Mattress


The pricey memory foam mattress is known as the "Lexus of mattresses" and is good for many things -- our backs, our sleep, and our general health. But it's very bad for one thing. And that one thing matters a lot. Memory foam mattresses are reportedly bad for sex. This doesn't bode well for the mattress.

Let's face it, mattress fads have come and gone. Between separate twin beds and memory foam beds, there were also water beds and other beds for married couples, but we always come back to the same kind of bed. I wonder why. Just kidding. In fact, I don't wonder at all.

Sure, sleep may be winning NOW (according to Yahoo, memory foam now has a 20 percent market share), but in the long run, people want to have sex in bed. Besides, how great IS the sleep?

In all seriousness, how could anyone justify having a bed that didn't allow for sex?

Those interviewed for Yahoo claimed it was like having sex on a ball of clay and it was impossible to get any spring and bounce. Sex may be more aerobic on a memory foam, but I am not convinced that is a good thing.

The sex is so bad that many couples said they are taking it out of the bedroom entirely, which may work for a time. But it won't work long term. In the end, the species needs to propagate and we need beds in which we can reproduce.

If that is TMI, then I apologize, but come on now. This is just sad. With a regular mattress you can have good, springy sex AND decent sleep. Plus you save a couple thousand dollars. It's a big win!

Personally, I love the feel of memory foam, but I wouldn't sacrifice my sex life in the name of a slightly better back. No way!

Would you try a memory foam mattress?


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Bruic... Bruickson

I have a memory foam mattress and sex is just as good as it was on a spring mattress. And my back feels a little better....

nonmember avatar hrl

We've had a tempurpedic for years. The sex hasn't been affected by it at all. =)

amomm... amommy2jack

We have a memory foam matteress as well and sex on the matteress hasn't been a problem, so its probably something that's an individual preference kind of thing.

I love our matteress!

Christie Haskell

Not having sex in your bed does work long term. :) Plenty of people do it!
If one of those helped my back and sleep, it's more than worth it. 

Stephanie Stewart Wisdom

Hmmm...I would venture to guess that those who say the sex isn't as good on a memory foam/tempurpedic weren't having very good sex on a regular matress, either. Maybe it's just me, but our mattress has absolutely NOTHING to do with how good the sex is.

tamai... tamaisking

I bought a memory foam mattress about a year and half ago. Sex was definitely an adjustment. You dont realize what the "bounce" a conventional mattress plays in "rhythmn" til it's not there . But it is something you can get used to. I would even venture to say that it made sex a little better as I do have to work at the rhythmn a little more, which only means better sex overall.

And what is does for my back?? SOOOO worth it!!

Felip... FelipesMom

We have sex on a memory foam and it's been great :o)

nonmember avatar Nicole

We have had a Tempur-pedic for years and love it, and the sex. Maybe the mattresses doesn't matter, when you're bad you're BAD don't blame the mattress !

nonmember avatar AmBam

We just purchased a Sealy Optimum foam mattress but it's not here yet. I hope it doesn't put a negative on our sex life! Although, I can't imagine it being any worse than our current spring mattress. That thing sinks and bulges in all the wrong places. Not fun when you have no stability and can't get a rhythm going. Or when your hip goes out when your legs are in a v-shape but your butt is squashed down into the bed. This foam better be an improvement!

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