'7 Days of Sex' Challenge Day Four: Even a 'Fail' Is Fun, Too!

When you have been married nine years and together for more than 11, sometimes it's easy to take sex for granted. My husband and I knew that Lifetime's 7 Days of Sex challenge was not going to be easy. We knew it would require more focus and determination than we had been giving to sex in recent months. But we also didn't realize how good that can be.

Day four was supposed to be our grand date night, which was somewhat foiled by our location. We are in the middle of nowhere in Northern New England, far away from all the great restaurants in the city and fun nightlife.

We have to make do with what we have. And so we do. We head to the drive-in.

We are lucky enough to have an old fashioned drive in near the place where we spend most of our summer and we take full advantage. For $15 we can open up the back of the car, lay blankets out on the grass and watch two movies into the night.

There is almost nothing that will throw a person back to summer nights in high school than a drive in. So we thought we would use our fourth night to really kick it old school and do it in the car.

Sadly, that requires more flexibility now that we are old. There is no sofa-like back seat in our compact mini van and the entire second row (it's not so much a "row" as two bucket seats) is taken up by car seats.

We watched Dark Shadows and then The Lucky One came on. Neither of us cared about the second movie, so we thought it was a good time to try to kick it old school.

Sadly, we are now about 15 years older than we were when these kinds of acrobatics made sense. First we could not find a safe spot, then I jammed my knee into the emergency brake, then bright lights shined into our dark car and my husband suddenly got completely paranoid.

Despite a lot of laughing and bonding over the ridiculousness of our plan and how old we have become, we had to abort the mission before either of us reached the finish line.

By the time we got back to the dark lake house, it was midnight and we were both kind of too tired to start over. Sadly, there was no grand finale, but I am counting it still since we made the attempt, got started, laughed and bonded over it all.

Isn't the whole point to have fun together and be intimate? In that sense, mission accomplished. Today should prove to be easier and require less acrobatics.


Have you ever had a silly sex fail?

This is Day Four of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge issued by Lifetime TV. To see the rest, click here.

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

lol! My husband and I tried to get down freaky in his truck one time. We totally got busted by a (very nice lol) police man. He only checked our I.D.'s to make sure we were actually married (and no warrants and such) and sent us home with a "nice try" ... Its funny now, but I almost died of humiliation at the time! :D

south... southernbelletx

My ex husband and I did it on a picnic table when we were 18, We tipped it over, and I fell on my head. LOL. not so romantic but funny.

nonmember avatar Emma

My hubby and I were getting all hot and heavy and just as I tipped my head back in ecstacy, a bead of sweat dripped off his forehead and went right down my nostril, choking me. I was laughing abd gasping for air at the same time! It was funny but the near drowning kind of killed the mood.

prplecat prplecat

Funny, but we remember those "fails" longer than we remember the successes! 

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Back in our very early days we use to have to get creative on where we would have our sexy time. He lived with his brother and i had a roommate. We went down to a baseball field a few times and once this guy walked up to the car with a flashlight. Scared the begeezus out of me. Thought u for sure we were goners since that shit happens in movies by seriel killers. That killed those adventures.

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