Jennifer Lopez & Her Boy Toy Teach Us a Smart Lesson About Divorce

With three divorces and a broken engagement under her bejeweled belt, I wouldn't exactly call Jennifer Lopez a role model for lifelong commitment. That said, I gotta tell you, I'm totally digging her relationship with Casper Smart. Every girl should get herself a hot boy toy right after a divorce.

Rumor has it that JLo has "fallen hard" for the hard-bodied dancer, who is 17 years her junior. Apparently he treats her "like a queen." Oh, am I detecting some disapproval out there? Ageist much?

If it's fine for a man to get divorced and immediately hook up with someone much younger, why not a woman? And JLo's got it going on -- she looks better than ever. She's got the energy of a girl half her age. Her career is going gangbusters. Why should she get herself an older man just so society nods its head and says, "Yeah, that looks better." Puhleese. Why should any woman? Here are some reasons all gals could use a younger guy after a divorce.

After a divorce, a woman is bound to be a bit demoralized and depressed. What better pick-me-up than to have fun with a young, studly guy who is out to please you in every way? He's probably not as dedicated to his career as an older guy is, and he has the time and inclination to make you top priority.

Also, he's got energy and stamina. You know what that is good for, don't play dumb. Yes, sex. I'm saying it. So what? Every woman needs some sexual reassurance and hotness after a break-up. JLo's kids already have a daddy in her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. She doesn't need a babysitter, she needs a maaaan, baby.

Now, don't get me wrong. Dating a younger dude can have its drawbacks. For one, he tends to text rather than pick up the phone. But, as flaws go, that's not a dealbreaker. Besides, who wants to blab on the phone all of the time? And sexting can be hot.

A younger guy might not stick around forever, because eventually he'll want a woman his own age. Yeah, what of it? An older guy can abscond too, for any reason. There are zero guarantees in relationships. Unless maybe the guy is too old to move.

So, divorced ladies, why not have some fun with a boy toy after a difficult time? You deserve it.

Have you ever dated a younger man?

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nonmember avatar monica

I was in a relationship with someone 3 yes younger not a bug difference but when ur 21 n a mom of 3 n he's a 18 ye old boy it is. Lasted 3 years before he wanted to be 21 n hang out with the guys but it was and still is the best sex I've ever had lol

nonmember avatar Michelle

Hey, to each his own. Way to stroke your self esteem. But the question was have you ever dated a younger guy? There's dating a younger guy and then there is COUGER TOWN--17 years? J.Lo was damn near a high school graduate when this kid was BORN! He is just that...a boy TOY. She is kidding herself if she thinks she has "fallen" for this guy. Admit it, J.Lo--you're having great sex! No problem with that! But it 'aint gonna last. Sorry.

nonmember avatar PiggyBankSavers

Personally, I've always dated older but I don't see a problem with a woman dating a younger man. If it works, it works!

FourD... FourDaughtersMI

I've gone out with someone 16 yrs younger than me, but it was nothing serious. In general, I like men about 7-10 years younger because most men my age just seems old. lol

4cadi... 4cadillac

I am in a 2.5yr relationship wit a young man 10yrs my jr. We had a few issues in the beginning but he has weeded out the nay sayers & our relationship on point. TEAM JEN & CASPER!!!

nonmember avatar Aimers

I divorced a man 12 years older than I, then met a man 12 years younger immediately after(I was 41 @ the time). We were together for 3.5 years, he taught me what fabulous sex really was and he still remains one of my best friends. I highly recommend it!!

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