'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison's Divorce Was a Long Time Coming (VIDEO)

Chris Harrison may host The Bachelor, the show that makes a mockery of marriage, but he managed to make it 18 years with the same woman. It's a feat that deserves a round of applause given how many gorgeous, single women he is surrounded by every day of his life. And yet, why did his marriage end? Was it an affair?

My guess is that it's the damn show. That show makes a complete mockery of marriage. It's like marriage poison, in fact.

How many real marriages have come from the show? Two? And even those were fraught with drama and multiple chances at love. See below for some speculation:

The fact is, this is a man who spends all his days helping to push people together who probably should never be together. His job is to produce sham relationships that will never be good marriages. One could see how he might become cynical, no?

One of the aspects of the show that has always been odd is that Harrison is "happily" married. Now, he is divorced and we can officially say the show is toxic to marriages.

Imagine if your husband of 18 years was spending time every day with desperate single women all competing for one man and all of whom look vaguely like hot high school cheerleaders. It doesn't bode well, does it?

The truth is, this was a long, long time coming. We may never know the real reasons for the divorce. Maybe they simply grew apart and there is no juicy gossip to be had. But I think it's even more likely that the show and his success broke them up.

That kind of temptation is hard to resist and there have been rumors that he was flirting with contestants. He denied them, but on some level, rumors often have some truth, right? Not always. But many times.

It's sad, but Harrison sold his soul to this devil of a show and it's no surprise that he is in this position.

Do you think there is gossip here?


Image via ABC

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dirti... dirtiekittie

not. at. all.

two people called it quits and a marriage is over. speculating over whether it was the show that did them in or him flirting too much is just hearsay and really, it just doesn't matter. the show is terrible, but saying it's the catalyst in a marriage that's been declared DOA is just trying to make a headline out of nothing.

Georgia Wheeler

Leave Chris alone.  Contestants on the show are fair game.  Chris is just the host and didnt "sign up" to have his life an open book.

nonmember avatar Michelle Levy

I personally know Chris and Gwen Harrison. The writer is SPOT ON !!!

This divorce was a long time coming. I worked with Chis on project last fall and I had to resign because he is such a nasty person to work with. He is demeaning to women, thinks they are there to serve him and seriously believes ALL women want him. He is a sicko. He's an egotistical, narcissistic a$$. I feel so badly for Gwen and their two kids. And by the way.....rumors do often tend to be true. Emily????

Judy Covey

wow, that's shocking...hope what michelle levy says isn't true but it wouldn't be surprising as power does corrupt! best to his wife and the kids...

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