The '7 Days of Sex' Challenge Is Going to Jump Start My Marriage (I Hope!)

When Lifetime debuted the show 7 Days of Sex two weeks ago, they also issued a challenge for writers. We could test out this challenge for ourselves and see what it does for our marriage. I was in within two seconds.

The show 7 Days of Sex premiered on April 26 and follows couples through their seven-day journey to see how having sex with some regularity will change their marriage. Because the truth is, it's easy to get into a rut.

My husband and I have two kids under 6. While we are like any normal couple who has been together 11 years. We have ups and downs, but in recent months, there have been a few more downs.

We recently had a massive life change that seemed set to go and instead fell through. So both of us have been left with a lot of "Now what?" I also recently went back to full time work and both of us aren't enjoying getting older.

Add in two kids who need constant supervision and shuttling from school to activities and back again and you have a recipe for a pretty sad sex life.

Sure, we haven't let it totally fall away and both of us have taken it into our own hands, so to speak. But masturbation isn't time together. It's a quick stress relief, but it isn't US and our sex isn't what it used to be. We fight more. We go to bed angry. We are not as affectionate and we pay less attention to one another.

I would love to see all of that change in a week, but I know that is impossible. What I really want is just a recharge. I want us to remember how much we love each other and how good we are together.

This challenge will put sex number one. Since Lifetime supplied us with money for date nights, candles, underwear, and even wine, I think we are up for what we REALLY need, which is more time together.

They also gave us some challenges and an order in which we need to do things, which I will share as we go. Tonight, for instance, it's all about "anything goes" so whoo-hoo! Bring it! Night one. It's on.

No more quickies with ourselves! This week is all about us together. I will be writing about it every day and anyone who wants to join me is welcome.

Who is up for this challenge?

This is the 7 Days of Sex Challenge issued by Lifetime TV. To see the rest:

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nonmember avatar amanda

Sounds like fun! Hope it does bring some new life into your relationship.

You are so ridiculously lucky to have them paying for some of those things, I wish I had that opportunity!

linzemae linzemae

If my husband didn't travel for work I would be down. We need a jump start in our marriage as well. It's just not like it was in the beginning!

nonmember avatar momof2grls

Having the money to allow you financially to go out as a couple definitely makes it easier. Being either at work or busy at home doesn't put me and my bf in exactly the mood lol. I would love to do this and see what happens but what about after the 7 days, does it all go back to the few times a week. I'm a young mom to beginning with and honestly I don't have the energy to do it. Maybe this will help it out lol

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