Lea Michele & Cory Monteith May Be Moving Too Fast

rachel and finnFrom spending Easter/Passover weekend together in Cabo to indulging in public PDA, on- and off-screen lovebirds Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are going strong. And they're so so cute! I adore all the little tidbits about their real-life romance leaking out in between weekly doses of Finchel on Glee. But the latest gave me pause, fellow Gleeks. Apparently, although all is well and good in Lory-land, it sounds like they may be in danger of going too far too fast (a la Katy Perry and Russell Brand or Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries -- noo!).

Perez Hilton talked to a source who claims that "Lea is telling everyone she's never felt more sure about anything. She's ready for it all, starting with living together and planning their future." Whoa! Well, awesome, right? As long as Cory's on the same page ... Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as though he is.

According to Perez's source:

[Cory]'d prefer to maintain the status quo in their relationship, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. He's sick of his roommate situation, so he's going along with it. Cory complains that Lea smothers him. Many friends worry that their relationship is doomed because she's so bossy and Cory is totally chill.

Aaacck! Sounds like a major RED FLAG! But just to play devil's advocate for a quick sec, I wouldn't be surprised if this "source" was just drawing conclusions based on Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson, as opposed to their real-life counterparts? Because that "bossy vs. chill" description sounds a bit too familiar.

Then again, who knows -- maybe life imitates art? And if that's the case, then they should probably slow it down, like Rachel and Finn recently did with getting married. Although they've worked together for a few years now, they've only technically been together since February. And while there's no real time frame in which it's wise to move forward with a relationship, living together isn't exactly a step to take lightly. After all, these days, it's practically the new getting married!

All I'm saying is that when any couple decides to co-habitate, it's imperative that they be on the same page about the why. It can't be out of convenience sake, because someone can't afford their rent anymore, or they hate their roommate. I reflected a lot on the topic when major surgery expedited my now-fiance's and my timeline for moving in together. I wanted to make sure it was something we both wanted and would have done either way.

As long as Lea and Cory are really seeing eye-to-eye on living together, more power to 'em. But if they're just sliding into shacking up instead of making a concerted decision to, their Glee-tastic love affair could be doomed. 

What were your reasons for moving in with your partner? Do you agree it won't work out if you aren't truly on the same page?

Image via FOX

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nonmember avatar Lexi Jordan

Not that I know either of them , but her personality DOES come across as bossy and self-serving in both print and video interviews. I could totally see her pushing Cory around, he is goofy and down to earth (read his twitter!). Lea is a known diva. IMO not a good match from the beginning! People shouldn't be projecting their "Finchel love" onto a real life couple anyways.

Flori... Floridamom96

Meh. Who are we to judge? When I was 20 everyone said my boyfriend and I were moving too fast when we were engaged 2 weeks in and married 8 months in. We recently celebrated our 18th anniversary. What do we know about other people's lives?

nonmember avatar zippidy doo da

It's none of our business, leave them alone.

nonmember avatar Erinclare

They have know each other for many years now I don't think they are moving to fast

Jay Chaplin

Of course lets make the woman the bossy harpy and the poor guy a big doofus who can't make decision on his own. Oh wait those are the characters they play.    Give me a break they have known each other for 4 years.   

If they dont know each other personailtie by now then they never will.

Also  I hate seeing woman like Lexi judging women like Lea as diva or selfish instead of maybe just confident and driven.

nonmember avatar Dar

Apparently they've been together since early October (it only came public in Feb) and have known each other closely for almost four years so I don't think it would be rushing it. That said, I don't believe they are moving in together. Cory and Lea are total opposites but it's nothing they haven't said themselves on occasions.

Cindy Adamick Emard

go slow, lovebirds.  If its meant to be, it will be.


nonmember avatar sarah

I recently moved in with my boyfriend after a year because it was convienent and saved both of us money. Its been hard but we have grown together, and so will they. You have to be on the same page eventually or else your going to have to awkardly divide assests and agree on visitation rights over the dog. If they have been working together and dating at the samd time for 4 years and aren't sick of it yet, then more power to them. Im a hardcore gleek and I am happy for on and off screen finchel. Congrats

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