Naive Carrie Underwood Gives Her Husband a Hall Pass When He Goes Out (VIDEO)

carrie underwoodAhh -- newlyweds. Don't they make you giggle a little bit sometimes? They're just so naive and in love and totally have their heads in the clouds. But then again, most of us did too at one point or another. That's part of the fun of getting married, right? Carrie Underwood tied the knot with Mike Fisher a little less than two years ago, and they're obviously still enjoying the honeymoon period.

She must be deliriously blinded by love (gag me), especially since she went ahead and gave Mike a major hall pass in her new Glamour interview.

Carrie gushed over how amazing he is and how much she trusts him and all that good stuff, and then went on to say:

I don’t have to worry about Mike. I don’t think twice. He’s going out? I don’t care; it doesn’t bother me. I don’t bat an eye.

OMG. I can't help but feel a little bit bad for her, because she probably has no idea she just gave her husband a free ticket to party it up with the boys (and do God knows what else) for the remainder of their marriage. Because if she ever so much as questions him about what he is up to or where he is headed, he can throw her words right back in her face by saying, "Oh c'mon -- I thought you totally trusted me, doll!"

Don't get me wrong, it's all well and good that Carrie has so much confidence in Mike and that she's certain he won't engage in any sort of bad behavior. But did she really have to throw in the bit about not caring one bit if he goes out? Because something tells me if he's suddenly M.I.A. every single Saturday night after they have a couple of kids down the road, she's not going to be quite as lenient with him. Can't you picture how their future phone conversations will go down once kiddos enter the picture?! (I'll try and contain my laughter as best I can.)

Good thing for Carrie, she's got some time to ride the newlywed wave with Mike before he gets a hankering for a little more action. As you will hear in this video clip, they're taking things nice and slow when it comes to being a boring old married couple.

Do you let your husband go out whenever he wants?


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nonmember avatar L

This article really makes me sad. That women like you believe that they MUST keep their men on a such a tight leash in order to have a keep their relationship. It's really not a wonder why so many marriages aren't working in this country.

momto... momtolittleg

Um, my husband is an adult.  He is respectful enough to inform me if he is going somewhere, and I am respectful enough to do the same.  Why should she care?  I can't imagine ever telling another adult that they *couldn't* do something or go somewhere that they wanted.  And if he ever did that to me?  THAT would be a problem.

cocob... cocobeannns

Maybe she trusts him and has enough assurance and confidence in herself to know that he's coming home to her at the end of the night... So what if has a little fun with the guys?

Sierr... SierraLynn

Sounds like she is secure in her marriage and trusts her husband. Who is she to tell him he can't go out with his friends. I bet she goes out with the girls. Who cares. If they trust eachother, there is no problem.

Sounds like you are trying very hard to make a huge something out of nothing.

MsRkg MsRkg

Umm yes! My husband had a life and friends before we met and got married.I would never tell him that he couldn't go somewhere and he would never do the same for me. We've been married for seven years and when he goes out with the boys he might come back home a little bit more drunk than either of us planned (as in boys will be boys) but he always comes back home to me and I don't need to worry about him cheating or leaving me because he's having fun with his friends. My husband would rather die than cheat on me, and I the same. If women are so insecure about guys going out with his friends without her, they might want to re-evaluate their relationship about why they feel so insecure.

SwePea SwePea

Let him? Lol he's a big boy that can make his own choices. He's smart enough to know when going out without me isn't a good idea.

Melis... Melissa042807

Do I "let" him go out? Um, he's a grown man. I'm not his mommy. If he wants to go out with the guys (which happens pretty rarely since everyone has jobs and kids and stuff), that's fine. Does it always work out? No. But it's not because I'm shaking my finger at him saying "No no!"

nonmember avatar Brooke

My husband goes and does whatever he pleases because he's an adult and makes good decisions. Plus, its pretty nice to occasionally have the couch and tv to myself for a little! Haha! Seriously, everybody needs a little freedom and time "off". As long as there aren't any trust problems it really shouldn't be an issue.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Um yes. He's grown. When he goes out most of the time its with his brothers. He calls tell me where he's going and at the end of the day I know he knows where home is. If you treat your man like a man instead of a child you might find out he have common sense.

mande... manderspanders

Mary Fisher, the Queen of Negativity and Insecurity, strikes again.

All I see when I read this is your insane jealousy that a wife could actually trust her husband. I was married to a cheater for 8 years, but I don't hold it over my current husband. Everything Carrie Underwood says, I can relate to - I totally trust my husband - does this make me sooo naïve as well??

Mary Fisher, I pity your husband and family.

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