Sex Tips That Are Kinky, Not Freaky (It's Getting Hot in Here)

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Sex, especially when you have it with the same person every time, well, it can get a little ... old. Sometimes, you gotta dig deep and figure out how to spice up your sex life. I have a suggestion for you: add a little kink to your vanilla sex!

Here are some easy ways to "get kinky with it" (it takes two).

1) Buy a blindfold, or use one of his neckties, to cover his eyes when he gets home. Lead him to the bedroom and have your way with him.

2) Use the necktie to tie his hands to the headboard of your bed so he can look, but not touch. Great way to start a sexy strip-tease.

3) Speaking of sexy strip-teases, why not try one out? Pull out the patent-leather f*ck me boots and get twirling and whirling around your guy.

4) Grab the tallest pair of boots you own, put those and some sexy lace undies on, and when he gets home from work, meet him in the hallway, shove him against the wall, and tell him he's been a naughty boy -- and he needs to please YOU tonight.

5) Grab a full-length mirror -- one of those cheap ones from Target will do -- and position it so that he can watch you as you go down on him.

6) Use the mirror to watch yourselves as you have sex.

7) Make a sex tape. Just be sure YOU are the only one in possession of it.

8) Watch the sex tape as a pre-game to get you both in the mood to do it again.

9) Try sexy spanking - it's a hell of a lot more fun that it sounds.

10) Get into some mutual masturbation. Side-by-side. Not much is hotter than starting a hot night off with some mutual masturbation.

11) Try anal sex if you want to. It's worth a shot, even if you end up hating it. Remember: JUST BREATHE during it and tell him to stop if it hurts.

12) Let him be the dominant and you be his submissive. Just make sure you have a safe word (I happen to like "peanut butter") to ensure that you both have the time of your life.

13) Role play. It's a ton of fun. It's also wildly awkward the first few times you do it. But it's a great healthy way to act out some sexual fantasies.

14) Bust out the toys - sex toys are amazing. They're even MORE fun when you can use them with your partner.

15) Try adding another person to the mix. I personally don't dig threesomes, but I know a lot of people who do. But make sure that you and your partner are both in agreement about having one - and make sure you each know you can call it off at any time.

What are some other kinky sex tips?


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nonmember avatar S


Sierr... SierraLynn

These are all good ideas except the last one. Bringing in a 3rd person is just an awful idea all around and potentially very bad for a marriage.

nonmember avatar Emily

oh glory, I'm blushing.. lol I don't have enough self confidence for most of these.

stron... strontium

I do pretty much all of these things on a regular basis... 

we get much.. MUCH kinkier too...

Wheep... Wheepingchree

You def can't say bringing a third person is bad for every marriage. We have fun with it. Meoww.

Bruic... Bruickson

Great suggestions! But what do I do with the 2 yr old that's hanging on to my leg all day?

dee31087 dee31087

So when u think sex between u n ur lover is getting boring add an extra person to the mix.? . lol that's asking for trouble...

Felip... FelipesMom

These are all great ideas! Just remember, if you don't want to do something, that's OK! Don't! And if you do... that's OK too!! :o)

nonmember avatar amanda

Ok... these are good ideas (for the most part)well but WHY are most of the tips aimed at what WOMEN can do to please/excite their MAN. I love, love, love pleasuring my man and derive pleasure from his pleasure... but come on!!! Exciting your partner is a two way street! Men aren't the only ones that like to be tied up for universe sake!

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