10 Foxy Tips About What Guys Find REALLY Sexy

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We all want to feel sexy. That's not even in question. It's especially full of the awesome to feel sexy for someone you're digging on.

So what actually turns guys on -- and what turns them off? What are some ways you can be extra sexy for your guy? What do men truly find attractive?

Here are some tips to help you figure out what gets those mysterious men going.

1) Light makeup. Most dudes, it turns out, don't jive with the layers of makeup we women spend tons of cash (and time!) on. So lose the heavy coat on your face and go easy. They tend to like natural beauty.

2) Drunk dialing. Being drunk often means your inhibitions are lower, which means you're more prone to say naughty things to your guy.

3) Texting the occasional sexy photo to his phone. Nothing risque, just something a little provocative.

4) Being flirty, not slutty. Dress a little flirty, but don't go all out into the trashy, boobs-hanging-out category.

5) A pot belly. It goes against a lot of what beauty magazines say is "hot," but dudes usually dig a pot belly. Why? A subconscious desire to procreate. The rounder a woman is, the more likely it is that she can have babies.

6) Witty banter. Guys love the back and forth with a chick who is smart and witty.

7) Being good with kids. Most guys love to watch their girl hit it off with nieces and nephews. It shows that she's kind, patient, and caring.

8) Being silly - it's okay to get the punchline to the joke wrong. Most men find that adorable.

9) Sending sexy emails. Nothing too lewd, just something that shows him that you're thinking of him. Be careful, though, and do NOT send it to his work email.

10) Telling him that you find his quirks charming. Because you do. Guys, like girls, sometimes get a little embarrassed by their flaws.

What other sexy things do guys love?


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Stacey. Stacey.

The rounder a woman is, the more likely it is that she can have babies.

I dont think liking round women translates into a pot belly. In fact, most guys I know LOVE a thick woman, but not w/ an actual gut. The roundness should apply to hips, boobs, butt, and thighs. Some meat on your stomach is ok and good, but not a beer gut.

nonmember avatar blh

I don't know any guys who like pit bellies.

nonmember avatar blh


Todd Vrancic

I find the mother of my children sexy.  My wife is truly the sexiest and most beautiful woman on the planet.

Delamara Delamara

I agree...I think it's the thicker hips rather than a pot belly that men find attractive. Works for me since I'm tiny with my big hips and my husband is Puerto Rican, so he loves them...and my flat tummy lol. However, when a man loves you and thinks your sexy just the way you are, that's what is best :)

Todd that is so sweet!! That's awesome how much you still love her :D 

yazzy91 yazzy91

Yeah I read this to my husband he laughed saying which guy wants a "pot belly" don't get us wrong some do but when guys like rounder girls it's thick thighs big butt and or boobs. Before my pregnancy I have thick legs big butt and a small waist just no boobs till now lol.

JessL... JessLogansMommy

LOL,  a pot belly?!?!  I know plenty of men that like 'em thick in the hips and butt, but never never never the belly! 

Mary Renee Reuter

# 5 is straight out of Pulp Fiction, and I agree. I think some people are not aware of what a pot belly is. It's not a bunch of fat around your stomach (like a spare tire or love handles) it's ONLY in the front of your belly. Like a skinny woman who is 2 months pregnant. Honestly, it looks adorable on women who are otherwise healthy and not overweight. It's not a bunch of junk in the truck or around the thighs (although some guys like that too) 

Mary Renee Reuter

btw, just to add, I totally know guys who love pot bellies. They said they like holding on to it. They aren't love handles or spare tires or saddle bags. It's just a pot belly and usually they're only seen on a women that are otherwise healthy weight (if they were really heavy, they'd have one of the things I mentioned above, not pot belly). I don't know, I think they're cute and they're celebrated in a lot of reniassance art and I agree with that one. 

puasa... puasaurusrex

It seems everyone already pointed out the "pot belly" comment. HAH. Yea.

But can I just question the "being drunk more often" portion? Whaaaaat?

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