5 'Five-Year Engagement' Moments All Brides Can Relate To


jason segel and emily blunt in The Five-Year Engagement
Tom & Violet with their parents in 'Five-Year Engagement'
My mom texted me a few weeks ago. "Hey, they made a movie about you and Dan." My first thought was, Huh?! Then, I realized she was joking about and must have seen the trailer for The Five-Year Engagement. I groaned. She wasn't just referencing the fact that Dan looks suspiciously like Jason Segel at times ... (but, at least in my humble opinion, hotter).

See, my fiance and I haven't been engaged for five years. We've dated for five. But it took him five to pop the Q. And we've lived together and dealt with a slew of the issues that the main characters, Tom and Violet, go through in the flick. Hilariously, after seeing the movie at an advance screening, I realized my mom wasn't too far off-base with her jibe. In fact, here are a few of the most classic LOL moments in the movie anyone who has ever planned a wedding can totally relate to. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

  1. The screwed-up proposal. The movie opens on Tom and Violet in the middle of what's about to become a very serious, memorable convo. But then, he's interrupted and admonished by his tough cookie boss and he has to basically beg them to shoo because he's trying to propose! Ha. I couldn't help but giggle all the way through this scene, because not everyone's proposal goes off without a hitch. Mine sure didn't. Sometimes, others or the world just get in the way. But that doesn't mean it isn't meant to be.
  2. The MOH-BM hookup. Violet and Tom get engaged ... celebrate their engagement ... and before you know it, Violet's sister and maid of honor Suzie is hooking up with the best man Alex. Oh, this so happens ALL THE TIME! (Whether the groom and bride approve or not -- ha!)
  3. The pregnant VIP guest. Only a little while after the engagement party, surprise -- Suzie is "just a little bit" preggers -- with Alex! HA! Whether it's your MOH, a regular bridesmaid, or just one of your nearest and dearest girlfriends, doesn't it always seem to happen that someone gets knocked up either in the lead-up to or for the actual Big Day?!
  4. The question of religion. Tom's Jewish, and Violet's Protestant, but neither really seems all that committed to having religion incorporated into their "I do"s ... until the parents get involved. At that point, Violet asks Tom when the last time he wore his yarmulke was, and he says he totally does and it is in his "Jewish drawer." HA! We totally have a Jewish drawer, too. And yeah, that's just how it happens for some couples, right? They think religion isn't invited to the party, until ... it has to be.
  5. The location argument. When Tom and Vi are trying to discuss their wedding plans with their folks and the English parents assume the event will obviously take place in England, not San Fran, I was cracking up and cringing simultaneously. Oh, parents! Who knew that this one topic could be as divisive as the Civil War?! Sheeesh!

Can you relate to any of these awkward, embarrassing, hilarious wedding moments?

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butte... butterflyfreak

Actually, NONE of those apply to me.

1) My hubby never really "officially" proposed. He brought up the subject of marriage, and then we got pregnant. But we waited until our daughter was a year old before we got married.

2) My sister was my MOH and she was/is engaged, my hubby's BM is one of his best friends who also happened to be married.

3) I did have a pregnant guest, come to think of it. But she was pretty far along and delivered about a month after our wedding day.

4) Religion never came up, mostly because our parents mind their own business.

5) The location was never an argument, again, because our parents minded their own business.

RoughGem RoughGem

My husband planned to propose to me outside in the snow, right after his boot camp graduation, next to a large, beautiful iron bell where he'd stood when he received his first orders that told him where we'd first live as husband and wife.

Well, it was January in New Jersey, and cold as balls outside, so his family and I just grabbed him after the graduation, ushered him into the car, and drove away without a thought about why he'd been so hesitant to leave.

He wound up proposing in the tiny hotel room, wedged between two twin beds. And then the ring didn't fit at ALL so we had to run to the jewelry store right away. It was still romantic, though!

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